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Jun 20:13th of 13 in Mario Kart 8 at Yoshi's Mario Kart 8 Surprise #1
Jun 09, 2013:17th of 51 in ZXL Brawl Singles at ZXL Monthly I: The Come Up!
Apr 19, 2013:4th of 11 in Doubles at Brawl For Fun #6

Mystical Swordsmen Tourney #3
2nd place Mystical Singles
Jul 06, 2012

Mystical Swordsmen Tourney (Doubles)
2nd place Brawl (Doubles, Online)
Aug 13, 2012

Uprising Elites Clan Dubz Tourney
3rd place 2v2 Doubles
Aug 21, 2012

MCB singles #1
3rd place MCB sinles
Apr 07, 2012

SFA Zan wrote at 6:43 PM on Oct 24, 2014:
Blue teeeeeeeeeeeeeeam
SFA Zan wrote at 6:07 PM on Oct 24, 2014:
Well I can't use the name color of the badge anymore so theres really no point, so I'll go with Blue
Goodz Da Animal wrote at 4:52 PM on Oct 24, 2014:
Well when you asked me what I wanted the color to be I know you remember me saying I didn't want it to change. Also I was said the reasoning behind it changing was pretty stupid and weird but that's neither here nor there. All I'm saying is if the color is to change I have to approve it.
Goodz Da Animal wrote at 4:52 PM on Oct 24, 2014:
Also I said*
Gentle wrote at 4:47 PM on Oct 24, 2014:
really :s? so everyone who attended has to message you before badges get handed out? I doubt JV has a record of it besides this
Goodz Da Animal wrote at 4:36 PM on Oct 24, 2014:
You're not changing the color to anything GMF wise without my permission. You guys already ****ed it up the first time. If it changes I will give you a new color to change it to.
E.J. wrote at 4:35 PM on Oct 24, 2014:
I'd be down for the GMF color to be black also.
Gentle wrote at 4:34 PM on Oct 24, 2014:
btw this just popped up I don't think JV has handed out any of the badges for the tourney yet :s but hes busy so i understand maybe someone can help him who has the ability to
Mr E wrote at 4:18 PM on Oct 24, 2014:
Black name for GMF sounds good to me
Blazer wrote at 3:38 PM on Oct 24, 2014:
people can switch ladder badges? & yes we'd like it glowing black, but visible please.