blog_img Stuffs I made in blender
4:38 PM on May 29, 2009
blog_img My dog broke my wii.
8:02 PM on May 21, 2009

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Fwooshlewooshle's Dojo Score 600
Gender: Male
Location: New Jersey, United States
Birthday: June 29, 1994
Joined: June 18, 2008
Favorite games:The list is too long D;
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July 29
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Jul 13, 2009:13th of 22 in Singles at wait what? brawl singles v3.0
Jul 11, 2009:7th of 15 in singles at wait what? brawl singles v2.0
Aug 05, 2008:4th of 15 in Singles at Hammer Fest II

Hammer Fest II
4th place Singles
Aug 05, 2008

The human race
4th place Single
Jul 12, 2008

About me:Im a sonic fan.