I play with a Gamecube controller in SSBB and I dont care · I love abusing the sandbag in the WiFi waiting room. · The MOST Official Mario Kart Wii Group · Femme Fatale - Competitive Female Gamers · I wish Pokemon were real · Wii Gamers Online · Why so serious?? · The Most Fun Character in Brawl is my Main · Stop the Brawl hate · GameFreaks · I like girls · I Love Video Game Music · Never give up · Randomly Random Group of Randomly Random Randomness ( for randomly random guys an girls ) · A nice hot cup of tea. <3 · I kill everything I see in Paper Mario · The Awesome Group Of Awesomeness! ( For Awesome Dudes And Dudettes... ) · Ganondorf Gathering · I collect star bits in Mario Galaxy even though all my Lumas are already fat · We Miss Mewtwo! · Respectful Smashers · Adult Swim · I enjoy yelling my taunts repeateadly · I love cheap Spikes! · Brawl's females · Proud Smashers · I crouch and stand repeatedly just to make funny noises · I give shoutouts to people I've never met before and get a kick out of it · I Hate Scrubs · I Listen to Music When I Brawl. · I Hate people that say "Tiers are for queers"!!! · YouTube Brawlers · All things Anime that is Cute, Adorable and positively Lovable · We look younger than we are! · I'll Protect You · WHAT THE?!?! · Samus Aran Fanclub · Anime Group 2.0 · DON'T HIT ME WHILE I TAUNT. · I sometimes try to recover even though there's no way I'll make it back to the stage. · hot videogame chicks ftw · I get all excited when I log in with new alerts · DO A BARREL ROLL!!! · The Cartoon Network Classics · I had to explain that Sheik is a girl, and Zelda doesn't turn into a guy. · brawls toughest *****'s · Marth is not gay. · Zero suit samus and Ike fans unite! · Samus is Amazing · Who loves orange soda? · No U · Sexy Samus players and mains · '90's Are All That · Wario brawlers! · I like to Ko my opponents by Farting in Brawl · All is Pokemon · All is Melee · I ♥ hot sexy blondes · I can't play Brawl quietly. · DO YOU WUMBO??? · VEGETA WHAT DOES THE SCOUTER SAY ABOUT HIS POWER LEVEL ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT 9000 · Got Brawl jokes? Why, yes I do. Thanks for asking. · I taunt in your face while you have the smash ball · I fantasize about falcon's knee · No matter what Nintendo does to Captain Falcon, He will always be manly · FALCONE PAUNCH! · I Falcon Punch noobs in "Anyone Mode" · I HATE WHEN I COMPLETELY OWN SOMEONE ON WIFI AND CANT SAVE THE REPLAY! · I'll Take You All On! · We Like Ike! · I can play more than one character in Brawl and still win · Shouldn't stages from SSB64 have been included in Brawl? · I hate playing against olimars · I can't take you seriously · People that can't avoid hitting the sandbag while waiting for your online match to begin · Who Do You Main · How many licks to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop!?! · Is Mayonnaise an Instrument?? · I lol @ ppl who take wifi seriously · We witnessed M2K rape Ally · The Super Smash Bros. Series (N64 to BRAWL!!!) · I Pick 2nd Player in Mario Games Just to Play as Luigi · I pwned someone so bad they ended the match before the Winner screen came up. <3 · Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen · "WHAT NEXT BRAIN?NARF!"THE SAME THING WE DO EVERYNIGHT PINKY.. PLAY MORE BRAWL"! · We Can't Resist Laughing At Ganondorf When He Runs :D · I Hate it when somebody uses the same color character as me · I only use a specific color of my character. · I only spike people to make myself look badass · I beat you online, dont get me started on what id do to you offline · All is Mario Kart Racers of AIB · Pictochat makes everything better · you'r supposed to be good but I see a spammer (in your vids) · Everytime I see a Pikachu I think hes a spammer · Gaming is more than a hobby, it is a life style!


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Favorite games:Rayman Origins Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc Rayman Crash Bandicoot ~ Warped! Earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim 2 Donkey Kong country Donkey Kong country 2 Donkey Kong country 3 Donkey Kong 64 Super Mario world Super Mario 64 Mario Paint SA2B Sonic Heroes Wario World Bioshock 2 Bioshock F.E.A.R 2 F.E.A.R 3 F.E.A.R Super smash bros. Brawl Mario kart Wii Silent Hill Homecoming Banjo - Kazooie Banjo - Tooie Luigi's Mansion Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Kirby Airride Rampage Super Mario bros. 3 SADX Wario World Pokemon Puzzle Banjo Kazooie
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About me:I am Rayman's Number Girl <333
My Wario will own you.
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