Gooeybanana's Dojo Score 900
Name:David Blackford
Gender: Male
Location: East Peoria, Illinois, United States
Birthday: July 1, 1991
Joined: May 19, 2008
Favorite games:Any Smash Bros game, any Halo game, Gears of War 1, Call of Duty 4, Shadowrun, Super Mario RPG, SFIV,
Xbox Gamertag:Sx Gooeybanana
January 22
Gooeybanana dropped the Champ Combo Ball. 10:32 PM
January 19
Gooeybanana picked up the Champ Combo Ball. 10:17 PM
Jan 09, 2010:5th of 8 in Melee Singles at Team IOWA's Monthly Smashfests - January '10 (3.5)
Oct 17, 2009:3rd of 4 in SSBM Doubles Pools, 7th of 7 in SSBB Doubles Bracket, 9th of 16 in SSBM Doubles Bracket, 4th of 4 in SSBM Singles Pools, 17th of 32 in SSBM Singles Bracket at Team IOWA's Monthly Smashfests - October '09
May 30, 2009:2nd of 4 in Melee Doubles, 7th of 10 in Melee Singles, 2nd of 4 in CREWS at Team IOWA's Monthly Smashfests - May '09

About me:Central Illinois(East Peoria) smasher that is getting more and more in love with Melee by the day!

Brawl, on the other hand, is only saved because Wario is in it. Without that man, I'd never touch it...NOT SAYING IT DOESN'T REQUIRE SKILL!!!