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Grapes's Dojo Score 3250
Gender: Male
Location: Richmond, Virginia, United States
Birthday: September 24, 1992
Joined: January 20, 2009
Favorite games:Dead Island and Riptide, AC series, Fallout Series, Dead Rising 1 & 2, and Skyrim.
Brawl Friend Code:1161 2666 8695
Xbox Gamertag:None
PSN Account:Cv-Vet
April 22
Grapes voted on the poll Do you own a Nintendo 3DS?. 1:13 PM
April 18
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March 31
Grapes left Aria Hatsune a shoutout. 3:22 PM
March 28
Grapes updated his profile. 12:57 PM
Aug 14, 2013:13th of 17 in Doubles at Is your body ready? (Random Doubles)
Jul 24, 2009:7th of 11 in Singles at Akatsuki (anyone may join)
Apr 08, 2009:7th of 15 in Singles at Top Tier Tourney! >_>

Aria Hatsune wrote at 9:36 PM on Mar 31, 2014:
nothing in particular at the moment that I'm aware of, I mainly asked just so that way I would know if you could be a potential trading partner
Aria Hatsune wrote at 4:16 PM on Mar 14, 2014:
just wondering, do you still trade cards?
Cervando wrote at 9:12 PM on Oct 11, 2013:
Can i add u on brawl?
Cervando wrote at 5:25 PM on Oct 07, 2013:
Hukster wrote at 12:02 AM on Sep 24, 2013:
Happy birthday!!
Foodies wrote at 7:22 PM on Sep 22, 2013:
Hi Grapes. Would you mind trading my your duplicate Luigi duo card half? Unless you want to keep it since it is Luigi heh. :P
Ultra wrote at 12:34 AM on Sep 17, 2013:
I've been nowhere, man. After falling off of the face of the Earth here and at nHotspot/niritori/gaming unwrapped, I just kinda played alotta cod and zombies. Lol
Crackle wrote at 10:43 PM on Aug 11, 2013:
If you know everything about the matchup and still don't win, you might want to consider a secondary. If you don't know everything, then that's fine. Good games tho
Kyleistoon wrote at 11:48 PM on Aug 04, 2013:
It's cool. Good luigi
Rekindling wrote at 8:53 PM on Aug 01, 2013:
Very well. Just let me know.
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