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Hanzhou's Dojo Score 1600
Name:Keith Kush or just Kush
Gender: Male
Location: New Jersey, United States
Birthday: October 13, 1991
Joined: April 10, 2009
Favorite games:SSBB, SBB,SSBM Kingdom Hearts, Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs Snk2, King of Fighters 11, Devil may cry, Onimusha, Mario Cart, Samurai/Dynasty/Orochi warriors, and Megaman(series)
Brawl Friend Code:4640 3115 0109
April 6
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June 19
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Aug 14, 2011:65th of 128 in Brawl Singles at KTAR 6
Dec 28, 2010:17th of 85 in Brawl Singles at Raptor Presents: Online Singles Tournament #2
Oct 23, 2010:65th of 80 in Singles at Viridian City 8

Majestic Tragedy weeklies#1
3rd place Singles
Dec 12, 2009

Keitaro wrote at 6:39 AM on Jan 14, 2013:
MetaBowser wrote at 7:45 PM on Jan 13, 2013:
is your duplicate pokeball up for trade?
Megaplox wrote at 5:30 PM on Jan 04, 2013:
Thanks bro!
About me:

Also I go by Hanzhou,Zhou, or Kush

Singles: Primary: Fox/Mk
Doubles: Fox,Wario, & MK
Seconds: Falco/Lucario
LT: Ness/Lucas