Harlex's Dojo Score 1100
Gender: Male
Location: West Kingsdown, United Arab Emirates
Birthday: May 20, 1992
Joined: October 5, 2008
Favorite games:Super smash brothers, pokemon, okami, zelda, fire emblem, spartan total warrior, Mario Kart double Dash, Dragon Quest IX, no more heroes, Muramasa the Demon blade, etc :)
Wii Number:3353 4629 9876 9482
Brawl Friend Code:1504 7879 0874
February 7
Harlex voted on the poll Wii U is out very soon. Are you getting one?. 4:17 AM
October 12
Harlex left - Near - a shoutout. 3:55 PM
October 6
Jul 24, 2010:7th of 8 in Doubles at European Doubles 6
Mar 10, 2009:11th of 11 in Singles Pools, 13th of 32 in Singles at WHO IS THE GODFATHER OF BRAWL?
Feb 22, 2009:5th of 8 in Singles at Blaze's and MissX's euro tourny1

sinth wrote at 9:54 AM on Aug 10, 2013:
http://www.twitch.tv/smashbrawluk streaming a uk national (Super Vs Battle)
sinth wrote at 11:39 AM on Jul 11, 2013:
Raze97 wrote at 7:51 AM on Mar 16, 2013:
Hey there, is your bob-omb, Hammer, and smash ball up for trade?