Helpn's Dojo Score 850
Gender: Female
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Birthday: January 13, 1992
Joined: February 12, 2011
Brawl Friend Code:0774 4288 8897
May 2
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April 24
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April 23
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February 2
Mar 03, 2013:9th of 11 in SHOCK at SHOCK 1 & 2

StaticManny wrote at 5:53 PM on May 01, 2014:
Yeah sorry about that XD. Didn't know the connection would be *** XD.
Raze97 wrote at 5:29 PM on May 01, 2014:
well, I'm interested in your Countdown holiday promo, and your Every Breath you take misc promo card. Mostly the countdown promo though, since it's the last holiday promo I need :3 Is there something I could offer you for those?
Hawk wrote at 9:43 PM on Apr 23, 2014:
Are you and Foodies sisters.
Cyrelle/Sonic18 wrote at 8:19 PM on Apr 23, 2014:
Do I know u?
Foodies wrote at 7:35 PM on Jan 23, 2014:
Did it right. Thanks :D
Taka wrote at 6:01 PM on Jan 23, 2014:
I think you have a few cards I don't have, we should meet up in the trading chat. I have a looooot of dupes. Leave me a shoutout when you're on trading chat
Foodies wrote at 2:27 PM on Jan 22, 2014:
Hi Helpn :) Could I trade you some cards you don't have for your duplicate Assist Trophy card? I sent an offer already but if you want something specific let me know.
Shadow-Miku wrote at 7:08 PM on Jan 14, 2014:
Hopefully you enjoyed it. :D
Cyrelle/Sonic18 wrote at 2:15 PM on Jan 14, 2014:
Beats me?
Shadow-Miku wrote at 8:20 PM on Jan 13, 2014:
Happy birthday Helpro! Hopefully you enjoyed your day/are enjoying your day. :) <3
About me:I play Brawl an Project M.

I use random in friendlies most of the time now but I used to main Olimar. I'm pretty friendly most of the time. ^-^

I also enjoy playing Yu Gi Oh on Dueling Network and Devpro from time to time.

You can also find me on Smash Domain and/or BFC.