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Break the Targets Level 1
Donkey Kong
12.08 s
Home Run Contest
2919.9 ft
Home Run Contest
3296.5 ft


ISMFOF's Dojo Score 2900
Gender: Male
Location: st. louis, Missouri, United States
Birthday: August 15, 1995
Joined: June 20, 2009
Favorite games:what do you think?
Wii Number:0610 8892 1758 5126
Brawl Friend Code:4940 5461 8916
January 29
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About me:LAST UPDATE: 1:57am Friday, September 5, 2009

i love HRC in brawl. 10MB is also one of my favorites. BtT is alright but all the other stadium modes arent my favorites.

h4x, 1 1z h4z d3m. d3y 1z fun 2 uz3. dun c4l m3h n00b 4 1z uzn d3m. 1 1z dun yuz3 d3m t0 0nl1n3. 8ut 1 1z c4n. (i think i noob talked that up pretty good.)

i main Fox. im and OK the fighter. but im still fun to fight. i choose FD ussually with items off. but i dont care what stock if its 1v1 or FFA it doesnt matter to me. i just dont like time matches or coin matches.

THS: 101,505 (i think)

to reach 105Kft
to get the weegee 4.8K strat down!!!
to get at least 20 chars to 3K ft
to make more goals icon_biggrin

HRC achievments:
My favorite score ever is My IC 3.8 score. its my 2nd farthest score aswell. its my favorite because it uses 3 TBDs and has the potential of 5.
ive gotten gannondorf to 5553.x ft
my farthest co-op distance is 10,1xx feet Yoish and Ganon (it was 1p co-op)
ive gotten all characters over 2200 feet

Power Count: 445
Power Time: 5698:04
Playtime: 1555:53
Adventure Play Time: 94:33Combined Adventure Play Time: 98:38
Solo Play Time: 1218:05
Combined Solo Play Time: 1362:30
Vs. Play Time: 219:14
Combined Vs. Play Time: 360:23
Vs. Play Match Total: 3567
Offline Vs. Matches Played: 2098
Online Matches Played: 1469
Online Time With Friends: 111:53
Play Time With Anyone: 6:40
Matches Spectated: 24
Time Match Total: 203
Stock Match Total: 1663
Coin Match Total: 22
Vs. Play Contestants: 6417
Match Reset Counter: 1621
Total Damage: 940798
KO Total: 6341
Self-Destruct Total: 1140
Available Characters: 35
Available Stages: 41
Trophy Total: 510
Sticker Total: 695
Name Total: 62
Friend Total: 40
Favorite Character: Meta Knight (that was a long time ago >.> )
Second Favorite Character: Marth
Loneliest Character: Lucas
Smash Champ: Marth
Smash Sap: Link
Slug Meister: Marth
Punching Bag: Mario
KO Kingpin: Marth
No-Defense Nelly: Fox