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8:44 AM on Oct 2, 2009
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IknowIAMugly's Dojo Score 500
Name:Broncofan1990's Bro
Gender: Male
Location: Idaho, United States
Birthday: April 3, 1990
Joined: March 11, 2009
Favorite games:Hello Kitty: Island Adventure!
November 15
IknowIAMugly posted a shoutout to the group IknowIAMugly Fan Club. 5:57 AM

About me:I'm ugly but I deal with it. My brother Broncofan1990 has a deformed face. My friend Eli Porter is a retard, I laugh at him all day. I suck so much and I talk a lot of crap to think I'm cool.
I don't really care if I get banned, it is no big deal to me, I expect it to happen and I'm surprised I haven't been banned already. All I ask is if I get banned to give me every negative badge like AIB SUX!