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October 16
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October 13
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Nov 20, 2012:7th of 8 in Singles at Falcon Tour #21: Showdown Finale Opener
Oct 19, 2012:7th of 10 in Falcon Singles MK7 at Falcon's 100th Tournament Fiesta
Oct 13, 2012:7th of 10 in Singles at Falcon Tour #26: Doom Factory

Falcon's Christmas Cup
3rd place Karts Only
Dec 24, 2010

Italian Falcon wrote at 4:38 PM on Jul 18, 2014:
Italian Falcon wrote at 1:56 PM on Jul 18, 2014:
Vagus Croconaw wrote at 5:31 AM on Apr 07, 2014:
Hey do you main Ivy too? :D
Italian Falcon wrote at 8:00 PM on Jan 17, 2014:
Sir, may I ask for your assistance with something in the near future? (IF you're alive and see this).
Zael wrote at 10:56 AM on Apr 29, 2013:
What can I trade you for your Jumbos & Promos?
HavocReaper48 wrote at 3:45 PM on Apr 03, 2013:
Yo, Ivy, still exist?
MetaBowser wrote at 8:14 PM on Jan 15, 2013:
is your pokeball up for trade?
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