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Sepe Susi

I Love Video Game Music · We Use Almost Everyone in Brawl! · DK Alliance · I play with a Gamecube controller in SSBB and I dont care · Stupidest "John" You've Overheard · Respectful Smashers · Risk it all for the SPIKE! · If theres lag, I will be a noob. · I always taunt "Show Me Your Moves" before the match starts. · I pick up Rupees in Zelda even though my wallet is full · Nintendo WFC - the only valid John · Atheists · No matter what Nintendo does to Captain Falcon, He will always be manly · I don't hit people while they're taunting. · I like girls · Youtube Community · I hate playing against olimars · Sarcasm is my best friend · Scandinavian Smashers · I've had to explain that damage % being higher is BAD, not good · LINK MAH BOIIIII · I make up random combos that shouldn't ever work but somehow do. · YouTube's New Layout Sucks · Not a fan of wifi...but i still play on it... · All is Pokemon · Zelda Skyward Sword · The Nordic Smashers group! · I lol @ ppl who take wifi seriously · Group that you can join just for the sake of joining another group. Plus we have a goat group pic.. · My life is one consistant Smash reference. · The Official Will Fan Club · The Mr-R fanclub · I try to double jump in real life. · Shigeru Miyamoto Recognition Group · Official Glutonny fanclub · European smashers · Randomly Random Group of Randomly Random Randomness ( for randomly random guys an girls ) · The Official Cable Fanclub · Plank is such an A**hole · I Pick 2nd Player in Mario Games Just to Play as Luigi · Gardex/Afro AiB Election '11 Support group! · WII U Hype! · Richard Dawkins Fan Club · Official PikaForLife FanClub · Guardians of Asgaard · I move with pikachu's QAC · I miss how fat Pikachu was in Melee. · pikaboy12 · Admit it, "Ai no Uta" is a kickass song! · smashville is the best stage · The 'Ban Snake' Group · Place of Chaos · **** people who voted "No" on the MK Ban · I breathe air · Kappa · I hate being stalked · The Miror B Fan Club!!! · Help Ganondorf Reach World Domination · Suckaajien Kerho · The offical Silva fanclub! <3 · The best DK? · Northern Europe · Official CT ZeRo Fan Club · The Salem "fanclub" group · The Swedish Brawl community · ~ The LEGO Group ~ · Lord Vermanubis's Army of the Darkness


Jebu's Dojo Score 3200
Gender: Male
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Birthday: June 6, 1995
Joined: April 8, 2010
Favorite games:The Legend of Zelda, Mario, Sonic games, Pokémon , Valve Stuff, Splinter Cell and of course Smash.
Brawl Friend Code:2881 8966 0270
July 28
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June 26
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February 3
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Apr 19, 2013:2nd of 3 in Brawl Singles Pools, 7th of 8 in Brawl Singles Bracket, 1st of 15 in 64 Singles, 1st of 5 in Brawl Doubles at Laaseripora_XII
Jan 07, 2013:1st of 4 in Pools, 5th of 16 in Singles at Lantrek 2013 Brawl
Nov 09, 2012:4th of 8 in Duelist Pro, 1st of 7 in Brawl Singles Pools, 5th of 9 in Brawl Doubles, 5th of 13 in Low Tier Singles, 7th of 16 in Brawl Singles Bracket, 3rd of 4 in Allbrawl finals at Garelaf Turre 5

Garelaf Turre 5
3rd place Allbrawl finals
Nov 09, 2012

Garelaf Turre 5
4th place Duelist Pro
Nov 09, 2012

4th place Brawl (Singles Final Round)
Aug 11, 2012

1st place 64 Singles
Apr 19, 2013

Zeffen wrote at 6:39 PM on Aug 06, 2014:
Taigakan wrote at 12:17 PM on Feb 03, 2014:
i am Mampam lol, but idr meeting you
FiveSalads wrote at 9:03 AM on Feb 03, 2014:
Oh i haven't played Will in over a year so I wasn't ready for DK at all. That + yoshis lol.
and thanks but wario is always going to scare me regardless haha
FiveSalads wrote at 10:13 PM on Feb 03, 2014:
your DK kind of bodied me tho Lol

but yea good games. Was really afraid of your wario the whole time.
Taigakan wrote at 6:01 PM on Feb 02, 2014:
were u in our room? or did i just see you play penta? im tryin to remember lol
Uli- wrote at 8:48 PM on Jul 22, 2013:
sGale wrote at 1:46 PM on Jun 27, 2013:
i know. best pokemon. he's uber for a reason ;)
sGale wrote at 5:49 AM on Jun 27, 2013:
hello jebu.
Emperor91 wrote at 5:45 AM on Jun 15, 2013:
Kiitos :)
Le Syd wrote at 2:54 PM on Jun 07, 2013:
Well I don't think I'll travel for Brawl until a moment... =(
Also I'm not 100% sure to go to GB3 but at least I consider to go now !
I will most likely come say hi
About me:Sup. Im an average Smasher from Finland who loves to improve at this game. I mostly play Brawl, but I guess im fine with Melee as well. I've played Smash since 2007 when I got Melee, but I started the more serious play in 2010 when I met Vurkyzo and LzR and I started to play offline.

I dont really play much on Wi-Fi anymore, Instead, I mainly play Smash offline in small Smashfests or Tournies. I also try to attend OoC tournies as often as I can.

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/ketturuut

Hobbies: Cycling, Downhill skiing, Football/Soccer, Making videos, gaming and other random stuff.