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8:48 PM on Oct 11, 2010
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2:20 PM on Feb 7, 2010
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Jumba's Dojo Score 3150
Gender: Male
Location: where am I?, Georgia, United States
Birthday: August 6, 1995
Joined: June 7, 2009
Favorite games:super smash bros.,pokemon,and just about any other game including the mother series...(mother ftw!) VV main VV Lucario cuz hes like the awsomest of all awsome pokemon with more awsome. (though overall im not that good... but yet very awesome)
Wii Number:5274 0766 4278 7263
Brawl Friend Code:2407 0323 6835
Xbox Gamertag:forget xbox!!!!
PSN Account:-dont have-
August 5
Today is Jumba's birthday! 9:01 PM
July 2
Jumba commented on one of Stryks's blog entries, "A Realistic roster for Smash 4 *Long *** read up ahead*". 11:51 PM
Jumba commented on one of his blog entries, "Loss of rights to post game footage, among other things?". 11:09 PM
Jumba commented on one of his blog entries, "Loss of rights to post game footage, among other things?". 11:07 PM
Sep 24, 2010:5th of 12 in BC Clan Tourney at Blazing Condemption Clan Tourney #2

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Happy B-day(late lol)
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Happy Bday
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