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11:09 PM on Feb 10, 2012
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12:51 PM on Feb 7, 2012


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Birthday: May 21, 1987
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Favorite games:I pretty much like all sorts of games, for the most part you can catch me on XBL (Min7y Fr3sh) or GGPO (Juniormints5)
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February 10
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Apr 24, 2009:5th of 6 in SF4 Singles at The Justice League Presents-818 SFIV Vol.1
Apr 12, 2009:9th of 13 in Singles at The Justice League Presents-818 MELEE Vol.1
Feb 22, 2009:33rd of 34 in Singles at 818 Duck Hunt-NOHO Brawl Tournament

102 wrote at 4:00 PM on Oct 24, 2014:
Haven't seen you around these parts.
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Currently: Sometimes... this site makes me rethink the maturity of our members.

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My Spidey Senses are tingling....

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jun1orm1nts (9:59:17 PM): splash
Known Radio (10:00:10 PM): now you got me all wet
Known Radio (10:00:14 PM): good job mints
jun1orm1nts (10:00:23 PM): lol


jun1orm1nts (1:17:07 PM): im ill
NeatoNiko (1:17:15 PM): awwwwwww
NeatoNiko (1:17:21 PM): what you got?
jun1orm1nts (1:17:25 PM): swagg


junior_mints5: oh makes sense like how the states make up the US
junior_mints5: Scotland, Ireland, England, Gangland, Lego Land
x.soniia: You forgot wales!