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I Survived a Spamnado · Brawl is a good game, BUT MELEE KICKS ITS ***. · Anyone who says jigglypuff counters mk is a ****** idiot · I love king dedede's infinite grab · I hate it when people say i spam Bananas! · I love cheap Spikes! · I love abusing the sandbag in the WiFi waiting room. · DTL Fan Club · I lol @ ppl who say you are amazing when they beat you, but john when they lose to you. · Naruto Fans · Hurricane Ike · Fox/Falco/Wolf Crew · Florida Brawlers · The Offical DEHF (Larry) Fan-Club · Smashing since N64. · WOMBO COMBO!!! · Boxes <333 · I PUT ON MY RAPE FACE · i just wanna spike you · I Caught My Neighbor Jerking One · Silent Wolf Fan Club · Gimpyfish's Group · Neutrals ONLY · I only spike people to make myself look badass · Hero Smashers · I GOT SPIKED B4 AND I DISLIKED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! · I John even when I win · I Have Matchup Problems. · DON'T HIT ME WHILE I TAUNT. · I lol @ ppl who take wifi seriously · We Like Ike · Lain and Ally are too good · i play my main even though everyone calls him a spammer!!! · Be a man. We must be swift as the coursing river. Be a man. With all the force of a great typhoon! · AIB's Most Wanted · INSANE FFA'S!!!!! · Sick of Snakes · I change colors when it's time to get serious · I like girls · Down throw! · ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, IM SICK OF THESE MOTHER****ING SNAKES ON THIS MOTHER****ING WEBSITE... · Group that you can join just for the sake of joining another group. Plus we have a goat group pic.. · The Tripping Has To Stop · Tiers in brawl...? EWWWWWW · O13 Veterans · Risk it all for the SPIKE! · (ICB) Ike Challenge Boards · I thought I was good at Brawl until I joined AiB. · I Know combos with Falcon · i just wanna combo you · WOMBO COMBO! · Get laid · I GOT A CLASSIC CONTROLLER, BUT I STILL GOT A C STICK AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! · Throw some Dees on it! · Official Brawl Minus (Brawl-) · Can't let you do that, Star Fox! · PEOPLE WHO KICK *** WITH LOW TIER CHARACTERS!!!!!!! · Show Me Ya Lose! · Legion of Ikes · Masturbation Sensation Association · Dragon Ball Z · All is Mario Kart Racers of AIB · Who's That User? (Old) · ████████████████████████ · No U · S2H FAN GREWP!!! ;D(Slither2Hunter) · Street Fighter IV · I care about badges now that they change my name color · Help Ganondorf Reach World Domination · I only use a specific color of my character. · I make up random combos that shouldn't ever work but somehow do. · Smashers Who Smoke Weed · I sometimes try to recover even though there's no way I'll make it back to the stage. · Dudley · Spamming To Win · I put a REAL picture of myself on AllisBrawl · I play with a Gamecube controller in SSBB and I dont care · ¡WE LIKE SAN! · Mortal kombat fan club · RAGEQUIT · I attempt to SD even though I already won the match. · KENNISPAM/TUTU FOR PRESIDENT 2011


JuvenileREX's Dojo Score 3200
Gender: Male
Location: Ktown, Florida, United States
Birthday: January 18, 1993
Joined: December 29, 2008
Favorite games:SSF4(AE) ,MK9 ,SSBM+B, GEARs 1+2 ,
Brawl Friend Code:0044 2506 8629
Xbox Gamertag:Coming soon ?..
PSN Account:Se7eNSiNz-_-
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Aug 13, 2010:5th of 24 in Icarly doubles at iCarly Doubles 1
Apr 21, 2009:25th of 29 in Singles at David vs Goliath Brawl Singles
Apr 19, 2009:4th of 18 in Singles at TL2Q 2

Afternoon Brawl Singles
3rd place Singles
Apr 13, 2009

TL2Q 2
4th place Singles
Apr 19, 2009

Claw wrote at 1:28 AM on Jun 13, 2014:
Oh...ktown as in kissimmee? Play me
Zork wrote at 12:51 AM on Jan 18, 2014:
happy bday
Flame wrote at 6:02 PM on Jan 17, 2014:
what do u play
Waldo wrote at 10:24 PM on Jan 12, 2014:
Flame wrote at 3:59 AM on Jan 12, 2014:
Waldo wrote at 11:53 PM on Jan 09, 2014:
arent you one?!
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