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Kierrysu's Dojo Score 1800
Name:Name on brawl:~su~
Gender: Female
Location: New York, United States
Birthday: January 6, 1993
Joined: April 1, 2010
Favorite games:Brawl, mkw, SA3, sonic in general, old school crash and spyro games, pokemon, kiiirby, yoshi's island, yoshi's story, klonoa etc
Wii Number:5185 8191 2487 4770
Brawl Friend Code:2021 0106 9513
PSN Account:Kierrysu
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Jan 05, 2012:9th of 10 in Time Paradox at Episode 7: Trouble In Time
Dec 21, 2011:9th of 12 in We said NOOOOO!! at Episode 6: We're Not Gonna Take It!
Dec 14, 2011:9th of 12 in I can see the light! at Episode 5: The Rainbow Gang

CaptainPon wrote at 3:06 PM on Oct 28, 2014:
Hopefully you can get one. I'm looking foward to fighting you in the new smash
CaptainPon wrote at 9:37 AM on Oct 25, 2014:
I'm doing good too. Do you have smash 3ds? :0
CaptainPon wrote at 9:36 AM on Oct 23, 2014:
It's been awhile, how are you?
CaptainPon wrote at 11:31 AM on Oct 20, 2014:
xXAfflictionXx wrote at 4:10 PM on Sep 28, 2014:
Do you have a wii u?
Amene wrote at 9:31 PM on Sep 02, 2014:
su su su su su su su su su su su su su ck s su su sus u sus us u
Amene wrote at 9:31 PM on Sep 02, 2014:
chelly btw !
xXAfflictionXx wrote at 5:21 PM on May 26, 2014:
how are u?
xXAfflictionXx wrote at 1:56 PM on Apr 21, 2014:
you don't remember me huh
xXAfflictionXx wrote at 5:28 PM on Mar 09, 2014:
Doomy :(
About me:I'm really nice...a little too nice at times, I can be mean if your mean to me though '3'

i loooove playing video games and drawing anime crap
and such what i mainly do i wanna go to art school and
become a comic artist.
i also like to play tennis, soccer, and volleyball when i'm able to (which is like never >3> ) and other stuff~
you can also reach me on my two da accounts
my sonic account: http://kurusu-chama.deviantart.com/

and my main account thingy : http://kierrysu.deviantart.com/
if anyone cares that is (lolz i doubt it)


made by
ZeldaPeach Love ya Gina~chan~!!

awesomely made by Talim~ x3
jay jay~<3

thank you derek~<3
thx lulz!!
Another from tali~ =D

you know what that walk means

not drawn by me but its so cute~<3