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blog_img 11 Foreign players at Apex for SMASH 64?
11:52 AM on Dec 25, 2012
blog_img ACTA, oh HAH
6:43 AM on Nov 27, 2012
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7:04 PM on Nov 3, 2012




LoF pwii



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Jul 09, 2011:33rd of 64 in Singles , 13th of 21 in Doubles at Pray and Trade
Mar 06, 2011:9th of 27 in Low Tier Singles at Izumi is Bored- Wifi Low Tiers
Feb 27, 2011:9th of 21 in Singles at Needz Moar WiFi 2

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1st place Singles
May 29, 2009

Nawkternal2 Regional Singles #2 12/23/09
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Dec 23, 2009

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Feb 14, 2009

1st place Singles
Jan 31, 2009

Gardy wrote at 12:58 AM on Jan 30, 2014:
Could I trade for your S1 Poke Ball, your ADHD Apex Promo, Presents! Promo, and your Golden Hammer please?
hnic95 wrote at 11:41 PM on Jan 29, 2014:
Or Falcon now that I read more closely.
hnic95 wrote at 11:38 PM on Jan 29, 2014:
Such as Link and Dk maybe. I don't have dupes, but I don't mind trading a couple if that is what you are collecting.
hnic95 wrote at 11:31 PM on Jan 29, 2014:
Could I do just two N64 cards and 2 other cards?
hnic95 wrote at 10:59 PM on Jan 29, 2014:
If you are giving away cards, could I get: White Pokemon Trainer, your 4 Alloy cards, 2 1000 coin cards, 5000 coin card, 2 500 coin cards, Melee Mewtwo and Melee Giga Bowser?
MetaBowser wrote at 10:04 PM on Jan 29, 2014:
MetaBowser wrote at 9:54 PM on Jan 29, 2014:
promotions. election promo.
MetaBowser wrote at 9:50 PM on Jan 29, 2014:
ill send an offer. click the offer and then you add the cards that you want to reply with.
MetaBowser wrote at 9:48 PM on Jan 29, 2014:
what should I send?
MetaBowser wrote at 9:46 PM on Jan 29, 2014:
can I get your assist trophy, mizzo, and strength of leadership? I don't want to ask for too much.
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