Sand Crab

Konvict's Dojo Score -200
Gender: Male
Location: Reno, Nevada, United States
Birthday: May 16, 1994
Joined: June 1, 2009
Favorite games:I'm currently playing: Brawl (duh), The Conduit (YEEE I GOTZ ITZ), and Pokemon Platinum, until I get my hands on Pokemon Heart Gold. :P
Brawl Friend Code:1161 6998 1751
Jun 06, 2009:9th of 27 in Singles at Smash Community Wifi Megatourney -Singles-

About me:I'll make this short. I'm shy but after I get to know someone really well I start talking a lotz.

If you'd like to Brawl, hit me up in the Brawl Singles Ladder chatroom (the chat I'm mostly in) or leave a shoutout or send a PM.

Beachballs I've hit:
1. Waddle Dee Ball
2. Home-Run Bat Ball
3. Kirby Ball
4. Sakurai Ball
5. KFC Bucket

Trade with me pl0x!

My Master Ball dropped. lol :[
I can be the middle man for anyone, just ask. icon_razz