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KyokiBPM600's Dojo Score 1900
Name:Kyoki Shinsa
Gender: Male
Location: Hemet, California, United States
Birthday: April 29, 1990
Joined: June 16, 2008
Favorite games:Rhythm-based games such as: DDR, ITG, or Guitar Hero, I'm also up for FFR whenever. =] Then you've got the Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and I love the Megaman Starforce series.
Wii Number:1413 9704 9053 5712
Brawl Friend Code:0516 6935 9849
Xbox Gamertag:KyokiBPM600
PSN Account:KyokiBPM600
Apr 11, 2009:7th of 14 in Singles at TSG Temecula Night Time Weeklys #14
Apr 04, 2009:3rd of 13 in Singles at TSG Temecula Night Time Weeklys #13
Mar 29, 2009:17th of 29 in Doubles, 33rd of 97 in Singles at Quiznos Presents Brawl IX

TSG Temecula Night Time Weeklys #13
3rd place Singles
Apr 04, 2009

102 wrote at 4:39 PM on Oct 20, 2014:
About me:

Hi. My name is Danny, and I'm a FAGtastic unicorn.

I just enjoy chatting and I think I'm too easy to become friends with. =)

I also really enjoy a large variety of music but mainly Techno and Trance.

Parkour has became a huge part of my life. Although I am only a beginner at the moment, I really love to do parkour with my best friends whenever I get the chance to visit them.