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Legan's Dojo Score 5000
Gender: Male
Location: St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Birthday: February 28, 1989
Joined: March 25, 2008
Favorite games:SSBM, SSBB, Chrono Trigger, FF 7,8,9,10 Lufia,Secret of Mana, mario cart.
Brawl Friend Code:5026 9640 1816
February 28
Today is Legan's birthday! 12:01 AM
February 10
Legan and Goblin are now friends. 9:47 AM
December 22
Legan and xemaaas are now friends. 10:26 AM
Legan and Rybanz are now friends. 10:26 AM
February 28
Today is Legan's birthday! 12:01 AM
Oct 02, 2010:4th of 7 in Brawl Pools, 9th of 24 in Brawl Doubles, 17th of 54 in Brawl Singles at HD: Remix
Aug 22, 2010:2nd of 4 in Pools, 7th of 15 in Singles at Cook Ruined The Circuit... $5 Tourney Time!!!
Apr 24, 2010:2nd of 5 in Singles Pools, 7th of 12 in Doubles Bracket, 13th of 30 in Singles Bracket at StL MONTHLIES: A Cool Cats Approach to Competitive

Team IOWA's Monthly Smashfests - October '09
4th place SSBB Doubles Bracket
Oct 17, 2009

Epically bored last minute Singles
2nd place Epically bored singles
Aug 10, 2008

Kakuna Matata
3rd place Doubles
Jul 11, 2009

Short Notice Saturday Night Singles
3rd place Singles
Aug 09, 2008

Link Master wrote at 11:47 AM on Jun 14, 2014:
Repair man man man wrote at 7:04 PM on Feb 28, 2014:
Happy bday foo! have a good 1 yo
AF l Yiffy wrote at 5:46 PM on Feb 28, 2014:
happy birthday old tourny pal.
Snake Master wrote at 5:40 PM on Feb 28, 2014:
Happy Birthday!
EazyDI wrote at 3:23 PM on Feb 28, 2014:
Happy Birthday
Rock Howard wrote at 12:11 AM on Feb 28, 2014:
Happy Birthday, dude!

Goblin wrote at 12:03 AM on Feb 28, 2014:
Happy birthday!!! =)
Link Master wrote at 6:45 PM on Dec 22, 2013:
can we brawl sometime?
Waldo wrote at 4:12 AM on Dec 20, 2013:
miss u bro hope everything is going well
Rizen wrote at 1:03 AM on Mar 01, 2013:
Happy Birthday!
About me:Shen wrote at 2:18 PM on Jun 06, 2011:
I don't think there's a legit best Link main. Kirin is good. hasnn't he been using someone else though? I heard he was using more than Link.People for some reason think Legan is. Legan is REALLY good. People who don't understand Link watch his videos and think he's the best. He's just really Flashy. If he wasn't flashy he'd could do what San did with Ike. I honestly think that, Link is underated in so many ways. It's hard expanding his metagame when noone wants to use him competitively.

^ Why am I such a scrub?

Lain:Who the **** is GERM?
<3 atomsk

STL Smash is too good ^