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Lightning93's Dojo Score 3500
Name:Joaquín Magaña
Gender: Male
Location: Pacifica, California, United States
Birthday: October 15, 1993
Joined: July 5, 2008
Favorite games:I've played a ton of fun games, but I think my absolute favorite will be the Smash Bros. Series.
Wii Number:6478 1020 0476 0137
Brawl Friend Code:2750 0825 0019
PSN Account:RedHotManzana
October 16
Lightning93 earned the Ready for Relaunch badge. 4:10 PM
October 15
Today is Lightning93's birthday! 12:00 AM
October 14
Lightning93 voted on the poll Which new mode interests you the most?. 3:29 AM
July 7
Lightning93 installed the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. 2:35 PM
Lightning93 updated his profile. 2:35 PM
Nov 13, 2010:9th of 26 in Singles at Brawl Underground 1
Aug 14, 2010:6th of 7 in Doubles, 7th of 23 in Singles at The Best V: Special!
Feb 06, 2010:9th of 29 in Brawl Singles at Haitian Aid by the Bay

Tony T wrote at 5:47 PM on Oct 15, 2014:
Happy birthday bro :D
MetaBowser wrote at 4:25 PM on Jan 20, 2013:
is your poke ball up for trade?
About me:Hai! My Brawl tag is LI-93, I am really friendly, and Fox rocks. I have stuck to him throughout the advancement of his metagame, and I am always trying to help make him better.

Don't just take things as given, take the things you know that are given and make them better for everyone else.