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2:36 AM on Jun 22, 2010


LoliLovesRain's Dojo Score 350
Name:Brianna Constable~
Gender: Female
Location: North Miami Beach, Florida, United States
Birthday: April 22, 1992
Joined: July 22, 2008
Favorite games:Umm...i like a lot of games so I dont really have a favorite =/
Wii Number:2128 3921 2928 9762
Brawl Friend Code:3437 2741 5403
March 2
LoliLovesRain updated her profile. 9:36 PM
October 30
LoliLovesRain left KassandraNova a shoutout. 1:51 PM
Oct 15, 2010:129th of 174 in Brawl Singles at MLG DC 2010
Aug 27, 2010:65th of 148 in Brawl Singles at MLG Raleigh 2010

Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 5:34 AM on Apr 22, 2013:
Happy Birthday......
GOG wrote at 1:07 AM on Apr 22, 2013:
Happy Birthday Brianna! Have a good one! = ' ~ ' = <3
About me:Hi my real name is Brianna im Nick Riddles gf so if you see him at tourneys you usually see me around somewhere tho I might be playing xD I main Pit <3 and I 2nd ZSS xD um if you wanna add me go right ahead I likes everyone icon_biggrin ALSO if you add me on AIM thats fine xD but...if u add me on msn well...i dont go on that much or at all for the most part so you shall have no luck talking to me on there icon_biggrin