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Gender: Male
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Birthday: January 31, 1993
Joined: May 17, 2009
Favorite games:Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pokemon, Zelda, Marvel vs. Capcom, Animal Crossing
June 28
Lycan voted on the poll Who's Better? Fox, Falco or Wolf?. 4:45 AM
June 18
Lycan installed the game Super Smash Bros. 4. 1:27 PM
May 27
Lycan left ATHF Seagull Joe a shoutout. 2:31 AM
Lycan left Tony T a shoutout. 2:30 AM
Lycan commented on one of The Elite FOW's blog entries, "Thank you, Everyone.". 2:29 AM
Aug 13, 2012:13th of 31 in Singles Pro Bracket, 1st of 8 in BRACKET POOL 1 at ReveLAtions 2012
Apr 19, 2012:4th of 23 in Brawl Doubles at E4U: Remix
Mar 09, 2012:2nd of 11 in Brawl - Doubles at Neo VegasSmash Brawl #12

E4U: Remix
4th place Brawl Doubles
Apr 19, 2012

ReveLAtions 2012
1st place BRACKET POOL 1
Aug 13, 2012

Neo VegasSmash Brawl Monthlies #10 and Touhou Hiso
1st place Brawl - Doubles
Jan 21, 2012

Neo VegasSmash Brawl #12
2nd place Brawl - Doubles
Mar 09, 2012

TKay wrote at 4:59 PM on Apr 21, 2014:
Got ya msg bro,but I used my minutes on my phone up so I couldn't msg back.ill fox it this week tho lol my bad xD
TKay wrote at 11:18 PM on Apr 19, 2014:
yo lol maybe next weekend im celebrating my grandmas b-day and all. ill tell you my number in a pm,i got too many haters on this site lol.wouldn't want them to know it xD really wish i coulda played tho :L
TKay wrote at 12:20 AM on Apr 12, 2014:
oh if its out in vegas then of course xD.i'ma go to the tournament in may too tho lol.
TKay wrote at 4:54 PM on Apr 10, 2014:
lol i wouldn't be able to make a just being patient untill the one here in vegas on may.
TKay wrote at 7:14 PM on Apr 08, 2014:
never knew there still vegas players that use this site lol.
Tony T wrote at 10:07 PM on Apr 05, 2014:
Cool Good luck over there bro *bro fist bump*
Tony T wrote at 1:23 AM on Apr 05, 2014:
Nm just Chillin and stuff, how about you?
Tony T wrote at 1:09 AM on Apr 01, 2014:
lol what's up bro :D
Slither2Hunter wrote at 12:24 AM on Mar 28, 2014:
No thanks.
MetaBowser wrote at 12:01 AM on Jan 31, 2014:
first happy birthday.
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