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ManaX's Dojo Score 600
Name:London Damm
Gender: Male
Location: Isle Delfino.... In the lava, Michigan, United States
Birthday: January 7, 1995
Joined: October 18, 2009
Favorite games:SSBB, The Conduit, SSBM, Fire Emblem,AC:CF......anything good
Wii Number:8240 6143 1215 7083
Brawl Friend Code:0474 5149 9174
July 25
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June 28

About me:As you can see on my profile pic, I'm not to interesting. That said, I don't expect to live past 20, not for any reason in perticular, it's just that this world isn't the prettiest of places and I'm bound to anger somone that I shouldn't, so, not much scares me. And now a quote from my 3rd favorite comic, "I fear death only slightly more that I hate my life."