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Oct 27, 2012:3rd of 5 in Brawl Doubles, 5th of 14 in Brawl Singles at Leap of Faith Tourney 1
Oct 06, 2012:13th of 36 in Brawl (singles) at Rescue
Sep 06, 2012:17th of 51 in Brawl (Singles) at Impact IV

Impact II
4th place Doubles - Brawl
Apr 14, 2012

Leap of Faith Tourney 1
3rd place Brawl Doubles
Oct 27, 2012

4th place Brawl Doubles
Mar 16, 2012

{EBK} Yan-Yan wrote at 3:46 PM on Oct 20, 2014:
Mike waz heer!!
Mr E wrote at 5:27 PM on Sep 22, 2014:
yo! i was responding to ur msges in the chat but i was sending msges to myself of accident lmao. but yeah. =), same to u. also hear its gonna be m2ks last turney for brawl, its be cool if i could take him out right b4 it ends lol.
Mr E wrote at 5:27 PM on Sep 22, 2014:
B0NK wrote at 9:25 AM on Jul 27, 2014:
Shur I am.
B0NK wrote at 5:58 PM on Jun 17, 2014:
{EBK} Yan-Yan wrote at 11:40 PM on Jun 14, 2014:
Pass me that ball though!
Waso wrote at 2:46 PM on Jun 06, 2014:
u mad ratchet dawg
PrNc3 wrote at 6:06 PM on Feb 25, 2014:
Now i do lol.
{EBK} Yan-Yan wrote at 4:11 PM on Feb 19, 2014:
Wtf? lol
Waso wrote at 11:59 PM on Feb 19, 2014:
V me
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