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Name:Adam / Middy ゾロア
Gender: Male
Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States
Birthday: July 24, 1993
Joined: August 15, 2008
Favorite games:Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, League of Legends, Pokémon Series, Smash Bros. Series, Age of Empires trilogy, first three Spyro games. I mainly like RPG and RTS games.
Wii Number:4398 1371 5516 6072
Brawl Friend Code:3137 0097 6156
PSN Account:Midnova
About me:I'm currently not as active as I wish I was, due to problems outside the internet. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. :/

Hey, guys, just a note. If you want a name change, please leave me a shoutout instead of PM'ing me about it, as I'll get to it more quickly. My inbox tends to get pretty cluttered at times.

Hello, I'm Midnite. I am a super mod, an Issue Resolution mod, and a TCG admin. I have also done some behind-the-scenes work for AiB, such as updating the Pokémon Widget to 5th gen, and collecting the LoL artwork for April Fools 2012.
If you want to try to spark a conversation with me, feel free to. I will always be willing to talk whenever I have free time!

Contact Info
•NNID: AurumMidnite
•Skype: IllusionistMidnite
•League of Legends: Midnite

P.S. Trish has always been here. :3 ♥
October 16
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September 28
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September 15
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September 9
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Mar 26, 2011:2nd of 23 in PokéCafe Singles at PokéCafe Saturday Singles
Mar 24, 2011:2nd of 18 in Dream World at Jarvitz hosts a pokemon tournament 3.0
Mar 19, 2011:17th of 23 in brackets at Arban's 5th Gen Tournament: A New Beginning #1

PokéCafe Saturday Singles
2nd place PokéCafe Singles
Mar 26, 2011

Jarvitz hosts a pokemon tournament 3.0
2nd place Dream World
Mar 24, 2011

Tasting Time 4!
2nd place Singles
Mar 05, 2011

Arban's Pokemon D/P/Pt/HG/SS Tournament #3
2nd place Singles
May 28, 2010

PX Pachi wrote at 1:28 AM on Oct 08, 2014:
Oii c:
Can I have a name change pls?
"PXPachi" will do
thanks bunches
ExJackSilver wrote at 8:15 PM on Sep 06, 2014:
Hey middy, is it possible that I can have a copy of your badge? If not then that's ok, your consideration is still appreciated.
SAFX wrote at 2:25 PM on Sep 06, 2014:
hi midnite

i wasnt gonna show you these but i think i need to,

hes sort of getting out of hand

its azeal and his offensive language towards me



this just a few times hes had goes @ me

him being on probation i didnt want to show these screens but i think he has some deep routed hatred for me so i have no choice
Multy wrote at 12:18 PM on Sep 06, 2014:
MetaBowser wrote at 3:37 PM on Aug 23, 2014:
thanks, midnite.
Progfox wrote at 9:13 PM on Aug 20, 2014:
Thank you Midnite!
Space Cowboy wrote at 4:51 PM on Aug 19, 2014:
Its alright. How is wonderful 101 is it any good?
ExJackSilver wrote at 2:47 PM on Aug 19, 2014:
Oh, also. Are you into Pokemon TCG? If so, I got a tourny for it coming up.
ExJackSilver wrote at 2:43 PM on Aug 19, 2014:
Problem has concluded, the place isn't infected anymore. Also, I use Chrome. So, I don't know if I can get an adblocker for it. I would love to use firefox, but the stupid plug-ins crash too damn much.
MetaBowser wrote at 1:31 AM on Aug 19, 2014:
I'm sure now that you're untouchable.