MikeD6470 (banned)

MikeD6470's Dojo Score 900
Name:It's-a-me Michael Dehoyos!(dont be racist ^_^)
Gender: Male
Location: Carson City, California, United States
Birthday: October 17, 1994
Joined: July 6, 2010
Favorite games:SSMB,Mario Strikers, LOZ twilight princess, Naruto Shipudden CONR3,Mario Kart Wii, & Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, all kingdom herats portables, final fantasy DD, CoD:Black Ops,naruto ninja storms 2,CoD:modern warfare 3,ocarina of time(master quest)3d, pokemon rumble blast,super mario 3d land,mario kart 7,LoZ:skyward sword, naruto generations(kicks ***),Kid Icarus Uprising
Wii Number:4185 8535 6585 5487
Brawl Friend Code:3697 1865 7723
Xbox Gamertag:dont have one
PSN Account:MikeD6679
August 5
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May 05, 2012:7th of 13 in Singles at Falcon Tour #12: Death Island
Mar 24, 2012:3rd of 13 in Balloon Battle at Falcon Tour #9: 16 Plus Islands
Jan 28, 2012:7th of 13 in Singles at Falcon Tour #3: Great Pyramid Complex

Falcon Tour #9: 16 Plus Islands
3rd place Balloon Battle
Mar 24, 2012

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