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Gender: Female
Location: Argentina
Birthday: September 20, 1993
Joined: September 17, 2011
Favorite games:Gears of war 2/3 Ace combat 6 AC:B Super smash brothers Rockband Classics like: AOE2 SC1 Zelda ocarina of time Majoras mask Super mario games. MOST 64 Games also. And much more!
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EdibleMuffin wrote at 7:06 AM on Mar 19, 2013:
About me:I live in GA im 18 all my 3 brothers play video games all day so I can't really help but play!
I played SSBB quite a bit not enough to be godly so dont judge me ^.^ I been on this site a couple times but I never stay on long enough to meet anyone or improve my skills by much. This time is different ! >icon_surprised
Lately I been playing more and more you could even call me a nerd >.>
My name is Alisa , I finished school already got no job so im just here to have fun.
I also play xbox so if you want to play with me on there just let me know.
If you want to know more too bad , get to know me personally.
ahhh >.>
Also Im told by many people and friends that i can be mean/rude at times but thats just how I am dont take it to the heart hun.

Also I love watching Anime.
Right now Im watching Bleach, and Blue Exorcist Aka Ao No Exorcist , And Nuraihyon No mago
And Watched many more as For Ranma ½ Inuyasha Zodiac warriors (Japan) Naruto ( Not Shipuden ew ) And many more. All in Japanese plz.
Also I love watching movies!
And if Im not on allisbrawl Im either sleeping out with friends or Im just busy lmao. I love to party and drink a little bit.
Hmm Also i love playing brawl when im high >.< Even if i do worst!!
I always have friends over my house who love to play brawl with me so don't be surprised if I take turns icon_razz
Ask me questions don't be Shy icon_wink