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Gender: Female
Location: Houston, Texas, United States
Birthday: August 10, 2012
Joined: April 30, 2009
Favorite games:Elder Scrolls series, Dragon Age series, Fable series, Red Dead Redemption, Monster Hunter series, Zelda series, Pokemon series, and Smash series.
Wii Number:1180 6624 9825 4830
Brawl Friend Code:0731 8693 6742
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PSN Account:5288 8099 9210
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Nov 18, 2011:5th of 9 in Sparkle Fight at The Tourney That Never Was II
Aug 19, 2011:9th of 31 in Singles at El tournament
Feb 06, 2011:25th of 43 in Elites Of The New Generation at Elites Of The New Generation

Pokemon Tournament #3 (Doubles)
1st place pkmn doubles
Jun 13, 2010

Pokemon Tournament #1
2nd place Singles
Jun 08, 2010

Scraptastic! Doubles
3rd place Doubles
Jun 06, 2010

Linkz wrote at 5:18 AM on Oct 31, 2014:
StaticManny wrote at 10:40 PM on Oct 31, 2014:
....I'm so concerned right now....;o
Milky wrote at 6:51 PM on Oct 31, 2014:
Milky wrote at 6:24 PM on Oct 31, 2014:
I just spiked with nair o.O
StaticManny wrote at 4:53 PM on Oct 31, 2014:
Is your profile picture, a pic of female link...?
lightlanayru wrote at 6:39 AM on Oct 31, 2014:
*wave* Mochaaaa... I feel like it's been forever~ ;w;
Same with Diska, too. lol >.<
Milky wrote at 5:49 AM on Oct 30, 2014:
Looooool, your feminine male LoZ avis lately.

And yeah, it is. I've seen it myself
Milky wrote at 10:01 PM on Oct 30, 2014:
lmaooooooo xD made my day
Milky wrote at 9:59 PM on Oct 30, 2014:
Netflix isn't free. I think they give you a 1 month free subscription though.

I'd suggest just downloading adblock (if you don't already have it). And using project tv. I can't imagine what it's like without adblock addon anymore. Best part about it, it's free!
Milky wrote at 9:49 PM on Oct 30, 2014:
I know of a few places where you can watch it. Netflix has the first season. I think On Demand has most if not all episodes.

I watch The Walking Dead along with other TV shows on this website called "Project TV". It's free. The only thing I wouldn't recommend about it is going on there without Adblock. Might get a bit of inappropriate popups the first time going on there, lol. So make sure you have adblock before you go on the site :P
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Happy early Halloween, everyone :]

Shuffling between a full-time job and little free time hasn't been easy, but I guess in some ways, I'm glad it worked out that way. Kind of makes you appreciate the free time you do have a bit more, you know?

Been playing some Smash 4 on the 3DS here and there, but what I'm really waiting for (as well as everyone else) is for the Wii U version. So here's my current list of games I'm looking forward to:

[x] Smash Brothers for Wii U
[x] Dragon Age Inquisition
[x] Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire
[x] Elder Scrolls Online (for console)
[x] Zelda U