MongooseGangsta's Dojo Score 450
Gender: Male
Location: tampa, Florida, United States
Birthday: January 12, 1996
Joined: September 20, 2010
Favorite games:Territory War Online, Brawl, MKW, WoW
Brawl Friend Code:5284 2637 5518
October 14
MongooseGangsta is attending ~Devine Knights Tourney 2~ Non-Human Theme. 6:51 PM
October 7
MongooseGangsta is attending ~Devine Knights Tourney 1~. 7:13 PM
May 24
MongooseGangsta updated his profile. 2:55 PM
Oct 18, 2011:5th of 14 in Singles at ~Devine Knights Tourney 2~ Non-Human Theme
Oct 07, 2011:7th of 13 in ~Devine Knights Tourney 1~ at ~Devine Knights Tourney 1~

About me: all you need to know is on my xatspace

I also suck at brawl, but it's dead anyone so who cares?