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Mordekaiser's Dojo Score 2404
Gender: Female
Location: Minnesota, United States
Birthday: August 30, 1994
Joined: May 5, 2008
Favorite games:guitar hero and most important brawl
Wii Number:3884 1396 2842 1088
Brawl Friend Code:1461 5863 9779
April 15
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April 5
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August 29
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Aug 14, 2009:3rd of 14 in singles at Fail Tournament
May 25, 2009:4th of 11 in Doubles at The King Of Doubles!!(JR)
Apr 05, 2009:1st of 10 in Singles at Tier Wars-G Tier Rumble

Brawling At Night III
2nd place Singles
Jun 09, 2008

Daily Dosage of SMASH
1st place Singles
Mar 30, 2009

Space Warriors
1st place Singles
Aug 31, 2008

>>PrO PrTnRs<<
2nd place Brawl Doubles
Sep 08, 2008

Mittens McKittens wrote at 10:12 PM on Apr 16, 2014:
TheRealBobMan wrote at 10:58 PM on Sep 03, 2013:
Happy Birthday!
About me:i might only be 13 but i've been a worthy challenge 2 so many people if u wanna brawl just ask i've beaten a few suppose pros but i call it luck and alot of people and i usually lose cause i fool around lol but when i'm in a tourney i get serious. but if u lose my repsect don't bother talking to me no more cause i won't talk back. i've been a gamer since my dad bought me an nes when i was 3. i used to play day and night till doctors said my bones were getting out of place so i stopped playing as much but now i've grown and i am a huge gamer i would play everyday and night but i still have parents (till i am on my own)lol but challenge me just 4 fun