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Aug 02, 2011:5th of 20 in New Event at
Feb 27, 2011:5th of 21 in Singles at Needz Moar WiFi 2
Feb 25, 2011:2nd of 16 in Singles at Stridez Presents: Topix Flaked So I'm Hosting This

Doubles Tonight!!
2nd place Doubles
Jun 16, 2009

Brawling at Night VII
2nd place Singles
Jul 09, 2008

Don't whine about doubleteaming;aka 2 on 1 tourney
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Aug 29, 2008

Stridez Presents: W-W-Wifail Singles #3
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Feb 24, 2011

Redneck wrote at 9:51 PM on Sep 19, 2014:
why does your name sound familiar? did we play back in the early brawl days or something
Zork wrote at 6:39 PM on Jul 15, 2014:
Good one.

Zork wrote at 7:10 PM on Jul 14, 2014:
Holy **** you posted something.
Repair man man man wrote at 9:21 AM on Apr 12, 2014:
happy b-day yo!
Decoy wrote at 4:50 AM on Apr 12, 2014:
haohpy btirnhaty
hnic95 wrote at 3:19 PM on Mar 13, 2014:
Thank you, much appreciated.
hnic95 wrote at 10:47 AM on Mar 13, 2014:
I was actually looking at the Dialga Subspace Boss card as opposed to the Primal Dialga Stage card.
Bass wrote at 7:07 PM on Mar 11, 2014:
O yay = D and any and same except triples DX but I guess single but when I can hav time to battle or get team soon =3
hnic95 wrote at 6:53 PM on Mar 11, 2014:
Okay I sent you an offer
hnic95 wrote at 6:35 PM on Mar 11, 2014:
However if you find something else you'd prefer, feel free to ask! Been after Dialga for a few days now.
About me:List of things I am working into my game for 2011:
1. Figuring out true applications to advanced techs.
2. Don't go on autopilot.
3. Reactionary SDI.
4. Controlling Broversal.
5. Study vids of top Carios and apply stuff that's good to my game.

I am also a freelance artist and I love to draw. Click the link below to visit my DA page.


Oh and by the way I'm the US National 2008 21 and under Checkers Champion.

Best Lucario in Michigan.
3rd best Lucario in the Midwest (I'm coming for you Double D and Fonz!) Nah, I love you guys (no homo).