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Favorite games:I DON'T PLAY NO GAMES. I'm actually quite literate in the English language.
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October 26
NakedGuy01 dropped the Mouse ball(s). 9:00 AM
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NakedGuy01 dropped the Hammer Ball. 3:15 AM
October 25
NakedGuy01 picked up the Lyle Ball. 3:30 AM
October 24
NakedGuy01 dropped the Taco Ball. 7:45 PM
Jan 15, 2011:9th of 20 in Brawl Minus Singles at Hacked Brawl Tournament #1

KDS wrote at 6:21 PM on Apr 10, 2013:
Lol, you'll get it! I guess i play the MU better with snake than i did fox._<
KDS wrote at 7:05 PM on Apr 09, 2013:
Ggs, man nice ness:D
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