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Nes's Dojo Score 7555
Gender: Male
Location: North Hollywood, California, United States
Birthday: February 9, 1989
Joined: March 3, 2007
Favorite games:SSB,SSBM,SSBB,Final Fantasy 7,Streets of Rage,Final Fight,Battletoads & Double Dragon,Mario Kart 64,Sonic 3,Final Fight,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV:Turtles in Time,Castle Crashers,Killer Instinct,Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike Source.Half Life 1, Half Life 2.
Wii Number:1583 2896 7763 9298
Brawl Friend Code:0344 8964 4300
Xbox Gamertag:An8BitZombi3
May 17
Nes earned the tour of duty badge. 10:16 PM
February 8
Today is Nes's birthday! 11:01 PM
January 20
Nes voted on the poll Who will win Super Bowl XLV?. 3:04 PM
Apr 24, 2010:9th of 18 in Melee Singles at J666's Birthday Tourney
Dec 06, 2009:2nd of 4 in Melee Doubles at Klap Trap Country Melee and Brawl II
Sep 12, 2009:0th of 0 in Singles Pools, 9th of 35 in Singles at SoCal Melee Arcadian Tournament

Smash at Noho 3
3rd place doubles
Feb 09, 2008

Smash at Noho 3
3rd place Brawl Singles
Feb 09, 2008

Smash in the Bank III
3rd place Doubles
Dec 09, 2007

North Hollywood Tournament
3rd place Doubles
Sep 02, 2007

About me:Just your average hispanic dude,I'm in Team 8-Bit.
Nes' Random Fun Facts:
-Fav Anime:One Piece.
-Fav Soda:Sprite.
-Loves Ska.

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Steam ID: An8BitZombie

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