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Ninja-the-link-sage's Dojo Score 3150
Name:Darrell "NINJA-The-Link-Sage" Dinwiddie
Gender: Male
Location: Sacramento, California, United States
Birthday: May 30, 1991
Joined: July 28, 2009
Favorite games:SuperSmash Bros. Brawl, NBA 2K11, Call of Duty, Halo, The legend of Zelda, Naruto games,Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Pokemon Games, yugioh, Dragonball z, Sonic games, Mario kart, Fable, Dante's Inferno, Devil may cry, Madden 11
Wii Number:1641 2408 3242 1664
Brawl Friend Code:4728 2153 2585
Xbox Gamertag:DJWARRIOR22
October 21
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October 19
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September 15
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Mar 09, 2013:9th of 30 in Brawl Singles, 7th of 10 in Brawl Doubles at TAG X CFD ???
Aug 13, 2012:5th of 8 in BRACKET POOL 1, 5th of 8 in BRACKET POOL 7 at ReveLAtions 2012
Jun 17, 2012:7th of 21 in Brawl Singles at TAG XLVII

1st place Dodge Brawl
Aug 28, 2010

TAG Monthly XL
3rd place Doubles
Aug 04, 2011

TAG Monthly XXIX
3rd place Low-Tier
Apr 24, 2010

Battle Cry
4th place Brawl Doubles
Apr 08, 2012

Link Master wrote at 12:01 AM on Jan 23, 2014:
hows it goin
Link Master wrote at 7:16 PM on Jan 13, 2014:
weren't u in apex?
Link Master wrote at 7:11 PM on Jan 13, 2014:
we can play when i find my brawl ****
Link Master wrote at 6:10 PM on Jan 04, 2014:
can we brawl sometime? i want to be the greatest link in the world as u. link is cool and im very good with him
CodeBlue wrote at 3:55 PM on Jun 21, 2013:
i should have in b4'd 'wtf' XD
CodeBlue wrote at 5:12 PM on Jun 19, 2013:
hi take a quick look at my profile see what ya think :3
Ninja-the-link-sage wrote at 10:14 PM on Jun 11, 2013:
thanx everyone
zangetsu815 wrote at 8:45 PM on Jun 01, 2013:
Happy [Late] Birthday
Decoy wrote at 4:37 PM on May 30, 2013:
ahop y britday
SketchLA94 wrote at 3:03 PM on May 30, 2013:
Happy Birthday Ninja!!! :D Keep that Link strong! :D
About me:Ur royal linkness of Nor-cal and the best link in my region who swore never to play a single top tier character. I'm working towards being the best link in the world. I'm actually pretty cool once u get to know me, however, I don't take any **** from anyone who's either mean to me or tries to make me into someone I'm not. I absoultely HATE impatient, selfish, and mean for no reason ppl. For those who take the patience to get to know me, will have no trouble getting along or making friends with me. icon_smile I love basketball, swimming, videogames, computers, anime, boondocks, photoshop, my ppl and rap music. Oh yeah The Legend is definately alive.
Youtube: DjNinjaBlade
Facebook: Darrell Dinwiddie
Yahoo: [email protected]