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Ladder Rankings

Smash 4 3DS Fall Singles '14
W - L:14 - 13
Streak: 2 losses


Okinawaa's Dojo Score 4800
Name:Corey Bankhardt
Gender: Male
Location: Long Beach, California, United States
Birthday: April 28, 1992
Joined: July 30, 2008
Favorite games:Smash Bros, Monster Hunter
PSN Account:Okiinawaa
3DS Friend Code:4957 3755 4342
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October 22
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Jan 09, 2011:1st of 5 in Doubles, 13th of 19 in Singles, 5th of 14 in Random Singles at Oki Toki's Brawl Barn 1
Oct 31, 2010:4th of 20 in doubles at San Diego ft M2k, lee, atomsk
Sep 05, 2010:2nd of 9 in Brawl Doubles, 5th of 21 in Brawl Singles, 3rd of 10 in Brawl Minus Singles at Oxnard Ranking Battle 1.5

San Diego ft M2k, lee, atomsk
4th place doubles
Oct 31, 2010

World 2-4: Castle Pot $530
4th place Doubles
Feb 06, 2010

Everyone Loves Doubles!
1st place Doubles
Sep 26, 2008

Edo presents: Friendship! A doubles tourney!
2nd place Doubles
Dec 22, 2008

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