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Ozz's Dojo Score 4800
Gender: Male
Location: Santa Monica, California, United States
Birthday: April 13, 1993
Joined: March 29, 2008
September 3
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April 12
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Feb 25, 2012:2nd of 5 in Brawl Singles, 33rd of 52 in Brawl Pro Bracket, 9th of 27 in Brawl Doubles at E4U: Remix
Feb 04, 2012:2nd of 6 in SSBB Pools, 7th of 9 in SSBB Pro Bracket at E4U: Shauntal
Oct 22, 2011:6th of 9 in Brawl Singles Pools, 17th of 19 in Brawl Doubles at E4H: Champion

3rd place Brawl Regular 2vs2
May 08, 2010

4th place 2vs2
Sep 17, 2010

4th place Brawl Low Tier 2vs2
May 08, 2010

4th place Reg 1vs1
Feb 06, 2010

About me:www.youtube.com/ozz3000

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