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blog_img Why Peach & Pit?
4:01 AM on Apr 16, 2012
blog_img Me playing Mario Party 7 Pagoda Peak
4:06 AM on Apr 9, 2012
blog_img Anyone wanna watch me play MP5?
1:00 AM on Mar 20, 2012


I get all excited when I log in with new alerts · I Love Video Game Music · The Most Fun Character in Brawl is my Main · GOLDEN SUN clan · Brawl's females · PARENTS ARE A HUGE DISTRACTION! · You stole my kill!! · The No Items For Me Group · Youtube Community · I pick up Rupees in Zelda even though my wallet is full · All is Mario Kart Racers of AIB · Pretty Pretty Princess Club for Boys and Girls · I don't hit people while they're taunting. · The Swordsmen of Brawl · Respectful Smashers · Aggressive Brawlers · Healthy Gamers · Never give up · The Breakfast Club · The Tripping Has To Stop · I HATE DAM BUTTON LAG JOIN IF U AGREE CAUSE I KNOW U DO =( · Peach Fans Unite! · Peach>The Others · i like hearts :D ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ · I wish Pokemon were real · Chicken Appreciation Group · Eevee Evo Fan Club! · i play my main even though everyone calls him a spammer!!! · I thought I was good at Brawl until I joined AiB. · West Coast · Femme Fatale - Competitive Female Gamers · SoCal · The Shadow Temple and Well From OoT Has Scarred Me For Life · The old cartoon network was epic · Pit Smashers of All is Brawl · i just wanna mindgamez you · Cool Kids Use Characters With Wings · Mario Party Players! · I get scared when my damage meter is high · I sometimes try to recover even though there's no way I'll make it back to the stage. · Can't let you do that, Star Fox! · I collect star bits in Mario Galaxy even though all my Lumas are already fat · I John even when I win · Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time Players · I didn't choose my main after looking at a tier list · Super Princess Peach Club! · I refer to the Wii remote as a 'Wiimote' · Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 Appreciation Group · The Peach Monarchs · I only spike people to make myself look badass · Sailor Moon · The Admiral Pit Fanclub/Appreciation Group · Official Pit Appreciation Group · The Mid-Tiers group. · YouTube's New Layout Sucks · Tales Fans · ~Pit Challenge Boards~ · Luigi's mansion dark moon · - Kid Icarus: Uprising! · Anime Expo 2012 · GOLDEN SUN FOR WII! · March 10th = Mario Day


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Gender: Female
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Birthday: March 20, 1994
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Favorite games:Mario Party series (mainly 6, 8, 9, & DS); Golden Sun series; Kid Icarus series; Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky; Super Smash Bros. Brawl; Dance Dance Revolution (Mario Mix & arcade ones); Tales of Symphonia (1 & 2); Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series; Mario Kart series (mainly Double Dash!! & DS); Animal Crossing series
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March 29
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Oct 27, 2012:9th of 14 in Amateur, 5th of 8 in SB2 at E4: Revenge
Aug 13, 2012:5th of 8 in BRACKET POOL 2, 9th of 16 in Random Partner Doubles at ReveLAtions 2012
Apr 19, 2012:1st of 5 in Brawl Pools at E4U: Remix

Serynder wrote at 1:27 PM on Jun 13, 2014:
I definitely saw you at E3. Still rocking the Pit outfit. :D.
Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 3:41 AM on Mar 29, 2013:
You're welcome as always!
Boxerpupx7 wrote at 6:54 AM on Mar 20, 2013:
Happy Birthday ^-^
Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 12:04 AM on Mar 20, 2013:
Happy Birthday! :3
Zik wrote at 8:03 PM on Mar 07, 2013:
yo! heard yall stopped by, i couldnt make it, was at work. Be seeing you next time! take care, keep it up
About me:My USERNAME: Peach has always been my favorite character of all time (ever since Mario Kart 64), and always will be.

My AVATAR: Peach is there because she's my favorite character of all time. Pit is there because he's my main in Brawl.

My youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Angelprincess3142
I mainly do Mario Parties, Brawl vids, and a few let's play. If you like my commentary and vids, then feel free to subscribe. icon_smile

My deviantart: http://peachy4ever.deviantart.com/

I also have a Gamefaqs page by Peach4ever.
I also have Tumblr.

Currently waiting for:

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Animal Crossing 3DS
Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Golden Sun 4 (for its announcement)