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Jack of All Trades

PeachyAenne's Dojo Score 6755
Gender: Female
Location: Reno, Nevada, United States
Birthday: July 3, 1984
Joined: March 8, 2008
Favorite games:You're making me answer the hardest question!? My fave games are Bubble Bobble, Oregon Trail 2, Silent Hill series, FF7, Gunstar Heroes, Phoenix Wright (all of them!), LOZ (OoT, TP, PH), RE4, Pokeymans, Brawl, Monkey Island series, Dead or Alive 2, Soul Caliber, Toejam and Earl, Turtles in Time, KOTOR (1 &2), Super Princess Peach, Chrono Cross, Grandia 2, Threads of Fate, Phantom Brave, Cooking Mama, Hotel Dusk, Amazon Trail, Tetris, KH1 (not 2!!), Sonic 2, Thousand Arms, DDR, FF: Mystic Quest, Animal Crossing, Starcraft (ZERG!!), Icewind Dale 2, Viva Pinata, PHANTASMAGORIA, lEFT 4 DEAD! and Fable 2 and the list goes on and on. My new fave is SF4 <3
Xbox Gamertag:PeachyAenne
April 21
PeachyAenne left Catnip a shoutout. 8:58 PM
September 19
PeachyAenne earned the tour of duty badge. 3:57 AM
Apr 25, 2009:9th of 11 in Doubles, 25th of 32 in SINGLES at TAG Monthly XX
Apr 11, 2009:1st of 6 in Singles Pools, 9th of 14 in Doubles at UC DAVIS MONTHLIES 1: LOVE JAM
Feb 21, 2009:8th of 8 in Brawl Singles Pools, 25th of 36 in B.I.O 2 Doubles at B.I.O 2 - "Brawl In Oakland"

TC's Tournament Vol. 3
2nd place Dodge Ball
Jan 03, 2009

Maverick Mayhem #2
3rd place Doubles
Nov 29, 2008

The Biggest Little Doubles Tournament
2nd place 3 v 3 crews
Jan 31, 2009

Northern Nevada Monthly - Ju-wryyyyyy
2nd place Doubles
Jul 26, 2008

About me:Well, like just about everyone on this forum, I am a gamer. I love my video games and have since I was a little kid. Remember the sega channel? Anyway, when I'm not absorbed into the videya I am working as a veterinary tech in training or I can be found slaying zombies! I like to indulge in watching anime and reading manga. I love writing and making new friends, and i hope to make some cool smash friends here! <3

Please do NOT ask me to feature your tournaments/groups! It's rude! XD
Please do NOT ask me for badges either, that too is rude. XD

PeachyAenne is the coolest most awesomest Smasher ever!

Kurohito: PeachyAenne: AiB's MILF
S.N.P.: If you are what you eat, then PeachAenne's an Aphrodisiac
Sheridan: "Peach. She's an adorable science nerd who fawns over her Toon Link doll and saves the lives of little kittons every day....and she's still the biggest badass mothafukka you know."
f0cus: when it comes to peachy, pedophilia doesnt even exist.


Real women put pix of hawt men in there profiles, not of peach.

Hawttest Member of AiB of the Week!: Minty <3

I <3 Robert Jones, he's my one true love! <3 <3 Hunny!