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Favorite games:Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pokemon, Soul Caliber 4, Resident evil 5, among others.
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About me:
shadowyoshigamernerd Made this for me!

Howdy! I'm a pokemon breeder, so that
means I have lots of pokemon on my team, but the six I have listed are My favorites to battle with (But I also like my Victreebel and my Raichu). Raising them is a different story! Does anyone else think EV training is hard, tedious, time consuming work? (I guess the winning is worth in, though). If you every would like to battle, just give me an advanced warning. I really want to play with someone! I also love SSBB. Lady Gaga is awesome, also! (I love exclamation marks!). Yoshirulez is my sister, so our brawls can have 3-4 people!

Shawdowyoshigamernerd made this totally awesome picture for me, and I am eternally greatful!

"...When you're lonely, i'll be lonely, too..." - Lady Gaga
"love is like a brick you can build a house or sink a dead body" - Lady Gaga