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Falcon Kart Finale
The End, Connecticut,
Dec 1, 2014
Hosted by Italian Falcon
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Super Smash Bros. 4


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Nov 24, 2012:15th of 15 in Singles at Falcon Tour #29: Floral Valley Fortress
May 26, 2012:7th of 8 in Singles at Falcon Tour #14: Mayhem Manor
Aug 21, 2011:17th of 37 in Sunday smash ! at Sunday Smash Tourney!

OrangeFox wrote at 8:08 AM on Oct 18, 2014:
Morning or afternoon probably, since I work evening.
OrangeFox wrote at 6:56 PM on Oct 17, 2014:
Sunday I can
Mercury wrote at 8:48 PM on Oct 16, 2014:
If you want the image to display properly, then you need to do the [img]url[/ img] format.
Mercury wrote at 8:39 PM on Oct 16, 2014:
You don't have to be obliged to put it back up. I was just wondering if you remembered :)
OrangeFox wrote at 8:29 PM on Oct 16, 2014:
Yooooo you're gonna get wrecked by my roundhouse!
Mercury wrote at 9:42 PM on Oct 15, 2014:
Wait a minute... I made you a signature before...

Do you remember this?
OrangeFox wrote at 8:21 PM on Oct 02, 2014:
luigimaster51 wrote at 7:58 PM on Oct 02, 2014:
OrangeFox wrote at 10:43 PM on Oct 02, 2014:
This Friday and Saturday is all about smash 4
OrangeFox wrote at 8:12 PM on Sep 30, 2014:
About me:
This is the most pulchritudinous artwork I have ever seen. Best good! Thanks, Mercury.

Thanks a bunch Nick!icon_biggrin