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Favorite games:Super Smash Bros. Brawl, FIFA, Mario Strikers, Halo 3, Paper Mario Series, Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, Mario Kart DS, Metroid Prime: Hunters, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Super Mario Sunshine, Kirby Air Ride, Super Mario 64, and of course Yoshi's Story
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October 21
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October 20
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Aug 14, 2013:2nd of 17 in Doubles at Is your body ready? (Random Doubles)
Nov 08, 2012:13th of 60 in Brawl (singles, online) at If you win this no1 will find you attractive sorry
Sep 06, 2012:17th of 51 in Brawl (Singles), 9th of 14 in Brawl (Doubles) at Impact IV

4th place Pool 10
Jul 12, 2012

The Last...Brawl it Out
3rd place Doubles
Apr 01, 2012

DREAD's Online Weeklies #2
4th place Singles Bracket
Aug 21, 2010

1st place Brawl Doubles
Mar 16, 2012

die entruckung wrote at 10:50 AM on Oct 22, 2014:
aye 04:19:00
skrazysteven wrote at 11:45 AM on Oct 12, 2014:
Ok my 3ds code is 2595-2244-0507 I'm ready when you are.
Cassius wrote at 6:22 PM on Oct 11, 2014:
Hello! In the ZXL bracket linked here, you are scheduled to play against skrazysteven. You have two options. You can either come to Tournament Chat 1 on Sunday, October 12th (10/12, aka tomorrow) at 7:00 PM EST to complete your bracket match, or you can reach out to your opponent and complete it before that period. We are aiming to be as considerate as we can in regards to your schedule, since the site malfunction was totally unplanned. If you have any questions or concerns, want to report a match result, or do not wish to continue participation in this tournament, contact me, or Zano. More information can be found in this blog. I HIGHLY suggest you take a look at it.
PX BuRnT EGGs wrote at 11:06 PM on Oct 10, 2014:
Ggs!! Sorry i gtg for now. Amazing Yoshi!!

Such fun dittos!! Nice seeing a yoshi that can finally stomp me xD

I'll dp my best to rep yoshi offline ^-^
PX BuRnT EGGs wrote at 10:01 PM on Oct 10, 2014:
Its on my page under brawl fc. You host it ^-^
PX BuRnT EGGs wrote at 9:57 PM on Oct 10, 2014:
I do!! Ready?? :0
Luigisama wrote at 4:24 PM on Oct 08, 2014:
Free Tgi fridays
Peterdinosaurous wrote at 4:11 PM on Oct 08, 2014:
Timing is everything brutha! And yeah she did mention that lol, dood I'm having a tough time finding a main in this game, might stick it out with weegee but idk I'm so torn haha
Peterdinosaurous wrote at 3:25 PM on Oct 08, 2014:
Yeah we gotta play offline man, luigi and Yoshi's a really fun mu! I know you'd bop me though, bluigi will put up a hell of a fight though!!
Peterdinosaurous wrote at 11:52 PM on Oct 07, 2014: should be illegal to have a yoshi that good.
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