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War is Over

Raxeje's Dojo Score 1500
Gender: Male
Location: las vegas, Nevada, United States
Birthday: November 3, 1995
Joined: November 26, 2009
Favorite games:Kingdom Hearts:1,2,CoM, and 358/2 Days Brawl(DUH!) Final Fantasy X
Brawl Friend Code:1848 2404 1468
October 5
Raxeje and shiyumaru are now friends. 7:18 AM
July 15
Raxeje voted on the poll Should Double MK be Banned in Ladder?. 7:28 PM
June 22
Raxeje voted on the poll How would you like the GTC Contest updated?. 3:27 AM
May 5
Raxeje voted on the poll What should we do to make the TCG more active?. 4:54 PM

Kyuu wrote at 8:19 PM on Jul 25, 2013:
come back :(
About me:~Name: Raxeje(Its an anagram of my real name + X.Guess if you want).
~Day i blow my candles: November 3 .
~Race: Filipino(pinoy FTW!).
~Likes: Video games. Tennis. School (inorite?). Making new friends. Dancing. Having fun in general.
~Dislikes: Liars, whiners, jerks, people who judge books by their cover, etc.
~Mains: Marth, Snake, Sheik.
~Wanna Brawl?: Get at me!
~Personality: Chill, laid back, eccentric (at times)
~Friends: are the best you could ask for!
~Music: Nevershoutnever! Jeff Bernat
~Books: Always open to new ones
~ Extra: F.A.G (Fine Asian Guy)
~Last: Talk to me, people (: