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Smash 4 3DS Fall Singles '14
W - L:10 - 5
Streak: 2 wins
Smash 4 3DS Fall Doubles '14
W - L:0 - 0
Streak: 0 loss

Smash PhD

Rayquaza07's Dojo Score 6854
Gender: Male
Location: Michigan, United States
Birthday: July 6, 1910
Joined: August 8, 2009
Favorite games:<-------megaman games brawl and pokemon
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October 21
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October 16
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October 15
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Jul 31, 2012:1st of 10 in Singles, 1st of 7 in Doubles at RAGEquaza07's Bimonthlies#2
Jun 18, 2012:1st of 14 in singles, 1st of 3 in pools, 1st of 4 in round robin doubles at RAGEquaza's bimonthlies
Apr 03, 2012:1st of 18 in Waftys Birthday at Dat Random Singles Tourney/Wafty's 16(9)th B-Day!!

Gameyard Showdown 2
4th place Brawl Doubles
Oct 02, 2010

RAGEquaza07's Bimonthlies#2
1st place Doubles
Jul 31, 2012

RAGEquaza07's Bimonthlies#2
1st place Singles
Jul 31, 2012

RAGEquaza's bimonthlies
1st place singles
Jun 18, 2012

BlazingKatakiri wrote at 3:45 PM on Oct 15, 2014:

But real talk tho, your Mega Man was nice. Ggs.
juan. wrote at 6:03 PM on May 10, 2014:

Guess your changing your name to Mega Rayquaza v.v
The Legend of Henry wrote at 4:57 PM on Apr 08, 2014:
please play smash 3ds with me this summer everyday
W.C.N wrote at 7:25 PM on Jan 07, 2014:
Are you for sure coming to DRDNS WORLD 3?
File wrote at 11:34 AM on Dec 30, 2013:
could you send me the link to that esam vs anther match? I've been looking everywhere for it. :(
Karaoke Man wrote at 12:15 AM on Dec 19, 2013:
oh and fun games btw
Karaoke Man wrote at 12:10 AM on Dec 19, 2013:
Man, what am I supposed to do about your Snake camping? More specifically, the part where you're hovering about the stage with the cypher? This is literally the one part I get stumped on
Savage wrote at 11:12 AM on Jul 06, 2013:
happy bday
Shade the Shadow wrote at 10:55 AM on Jul 06, 2013:
Happy B-Day Rayquaza!
Grapes wrote at 9:58 AM on Jul 06, 2013:
Happy Waffle day.
About me:http://www.eonlightvalley.com/images/random/pquiz/pqrayquaza.jpg


ETW.: Let me toss my wii out because wifi on brawl is amazing and I can't win aib medals.

Ethvitz: Tearbear, I have to report an alt to you. Tearbear is my alt, and needs to be banned.

wWw Overweight wrote at 11:31 PM on Aug 12, 2011 : always what is are "pherses"

wWw Overweight wrote at 11:31 PM on Aug 12, 2011 : WHAT THE **** DID I JUST TYPE LMFAO

Vinnie C wrote at 4:15 PM on Nov 9, 2011 :
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

t0mmy: Ray, do not call people salty, that's breaking site rules.

Elite Gaymer69: nvm i shouldnt be playing another 2vs2, i havent eaten all day icon_razz

Mr.Eric: Are u ally?

Subject: You have been given an infraction.
Message: Rayquaza07,

Infraction type: Ladder cheating
Date:2/19/2012 10:36:22 PM
Link: http://allisbrawl.com/chat.aspx?r=12
You have been banned for teamin' with lights on an old account, and usin' a CPU to make up for it. (Props to you for bein' the first user to ever do that, by the way. lol)

Ori Bro: "I find it funny when people call Rayquaza his real name. He doesn't seem like a Steven."

Mitt Romney the Hedgehog: you really are the best player ever