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Red-Dragon's Dojo Score 3450
Name:Uriel Siri Parshath
Gender: Male
Location: Oni Island, United Arab Emirates
Birthday: October 23, 1988
Joined: December 9, 2008
Favorite games:*Golden Sun is religion to me!!! 1.Any and ALL Metroid games! ;D 2.The Legend of Zelda (All games) 3.SSBB 4.SSBM 5. Advance Wars (All) Over all i'm an RPG guy lol if its an RPG i usually wud like it :) Right now tho its ALL about Brawl :D i Brawl more than i sleep loooool :$
Wii Number:0482 2859 1776 8314
Brawl Friend Code:2879 3344 4668
Xbox Gamertag:N/A
October 23
Today is Red-Dragon's birthday! 12:00 AM
September 7
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October 23
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October 15
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August 19
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Jul 22, 2009:1st of 5 in Brawl Pools, 1st of 8 in brawl bracket at HSAM Presents: The 5th Smash, Consented Rape

HSAM Presents: The 5th Smash, Consented Rape
1st place brawl bracket
Jul 22, 2009

Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 9:16 PM on Oct 23, 2014:
Happy Birthday...
Jewl Echo wrote at 9:08 PM on Oct 23, 2014:
Happy belated Birthday! I'm like 7 minutes late. lol
About me:

I am the founder of "The Peach Monarchs" If you want to join and thou-arrt Peachy please ask one of the many moderators lol xD

I Main Red Peach

<3 AgileHerb!!! icon_biggrin

Well nt much about me reli icon_biggrin im abit of a nerd, (in the fields of Science) im a bit of a fitness freak actually icon_cool Im a freak in general... icon_smile i love girls icon_biggrin:$ i despize injustice and i wanna Brawl almost all the timeee !!!! lol Nintendo need 2 invest in sumthing dat can make us Brawl in our Sleep icon_razz I'd buy that!!! Oh and I love Peach!!! bt i may have easily given that away :$ only slightly icon_wink
Asian Girl by "Black-Dicefish"