RedRoseLiz's Dojo Score 2200
Gender: Female
Location: Casino Night zone, Québec, Canada
Birthday: May 6, 1995
Joined: April 30, 2011
Favorite games:My favorite games in order are: Super Smash Bros Brawl, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Lost World, Sonic 2, Sonic Generations, Sonic 3, Sonic Adventure
Brawl Friend Code:1292 0670 8825
February 5
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January 21
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January 11
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January 8
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Jun 29, 2012:5th of 22 in Singles at SuperGirlKels's 17th Online Birthday Tournament
Apr 22, 2012:4th of 22 in Sonic Challenge Boards Tournament #9 at Sonic Challenge Boards Tournament #9
Mar 29, 2012:9th of 22 in Kirby Challenge Boards Tournament #1 at Kirby Challenge Boards Tournament #1

Sonic Challenge Boards Tournament #8 -CREWS-
1st place Crews
Mar 07, 2012

Sonic Challenge Boards Tournament #9
4th place Sonic Challenge Boards Tournament #9
Apr 22, 2012

Yatterman300 wrote at 4:03 PM on Mar 06, 2014:
Cyrelle/Sonic18 wrote at 2:05 PM on Jan 11, 2014:
That's ok ^>^
SuperGirlKels wrote at 10:29 AM on Jan 10, 2014:
YEAH???? good :D yo at these offline tourneys if you keep it up you'll go far!!! so keep on practicing just dont get discouraged girl! :)
SuperGirlKels wrote at 11:51 AM on Jan 09, 2014:
Cyrelle/Sonic18 wrote at 1:52 PM on Jan 08, 2014:
And I like to become pals
Cyrelle/Sonic18 wrote at 1:49 PM on Jan 08, 2014:
ok, well I happen to know her too :P
Cyrelle/Sonic18 wrote at 7:37 AM on Jan 08, 2014:
If I have to guess from that black outtfit, your SGKs friend?
LuckyTails wrote at 12:54 PM on Dec 31, 2013:
Thank you for accepting my friend request
TysonSeason wrote at 11:51 AM on Dec 31, 2013:
gal calm down it's cool :D yo u need a profile makeover... sooo 2012!!! LOL
SuperGirlKels wrote at 10:48 AM on Dec 31, 2013:
GOOD keep it up girl!!! especially at those offline tourneys I expect you to get better and better :D
About me:Hey, I'm Elizabeth. icon_smile
I'm one of the new Sonic mainers, I use red Sonic. I'm here to learn, have fun and make new friends icon_smile

If you're interested in brawling me, pm me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible! icon_smile

I'm very easy going and I just live my life to the fullest. I go with the flow.

No matter what happens to me, the one thing I will NEVER do is give up. icon_smile
My mains are (in order) :

Made by: xXPikaKingXx icon_smile Thanks so much<3

Made By SGK <3 Thanks girl icon_wink <3

Made by: SuperGirlKels<3 Thanks baby icon_wink <3

Made by ExJackSilver <3 Thanks ;D