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blog_img Birthday Thanks, and Other Things
12:37 AM on Oct 21, 2014
blog_img For those Who Still Check Smashbros
2:28 PM on Oct 9, 2014
blog_img I'm done Nintendo; Forever.
11:52 PM on Oct 6, 2014
Mysterious... ~.~
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Super Smash Bros. 4

Absolutely not!

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Name:You'll learn it someday
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Birthday: October 14, 1992
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October 29
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October 27
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October 22
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Sep 19, 2009:14th of 14 in Singles at The Honor of a Swordsman
Sep 05, 2009:5th of 13 in Singles at Cat Fight!!!!

GOG wrote at 7:38 PM on Oct 21, 2014:
I posted on your blog titled "Birthday Thanks, and Other Things"

Check out that site. It shows you game descriptions and vids.
VickiIcarusChan wrote at 1:44 PM on Oct 14, 2014:
Happy birthday!
Matrix wrote at 10:10 AM on Oct 14, 2014:
happy birthday
hope you enjoy it
Carls493 wrote at 6:14 AM on Oct 14, 2014:
Happy Bithday!
Zork wrote at 2:07 AM on Oct 14, 2014:
Happy Bday Puff
Senobekim wrote at 1:13 AM on Oct 14, 2014:
Happy birthday!
ShadowSlash wrote at 12:36 AM on Oct 14, 2014:
Happy birthday! ^_^
Carls493 wrote at 11:52 PM on Oct 06, 2014:
There's a high chance that there is one, we just have to find it.
Carls493 wrote at 11:49 PM on Oct 06, 2014:
Oh hell yeah. That needs to be wallpaper sized if you have a bigger photo of it.

Making it my next avy now.
Carls493 wrote at 8:45 PM on Sep 03, 2014:
The end of the year? That would probably link up better with Smash 4 Wii U, then.
About me:

There's not really much to know, except I'm fairly chill and just a tad hyper around people who actually like me.

Love people from where they are where they're at. We're not all perfect. Jesus loved me at my worst.

I love playing games with my peeps and just hanging with them. It's always a fun life and certainly going to be a busy one. I have family everyone from under Jesus' blood to actual blood.

Just get to know me, despite the fact this is a site you probably will never see me off of. I'm not that big of a smasher like most others, so . . . bygones. Still, being the big game fanatic I am, that's something we both have in common.

( •_•)>⌐■-■

Oh, looking so good dude.