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11:28 PM on Jul 7, 2010
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Rina-chan's Dojo Score 4654
Name:Jellyfish Pirate
Gender: Female
Location: Stilll a SoCal smasher at heart, Alaska, United States
Birthday: July 16, 1987
Joined: September 25, 2008
Favorite games:I <3 fighting games! My current favorites include Guilty Gear, Melee, Street Fighter (all versions), Capcom VS SNK, Soul Calibur II + III, Melty Blood, and some Tekken. I don't play Brawl competitively as much as I used to for a variety of reasons, but I still love attending tournaments. (P.S. - I don't play online; sorry!)
Xbox Gamertag:DizzyChanXX
July 16
Today is Rina-chan's birthday! 12:01 AM
June 19
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June 9
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Mar 20, 2010:9th of 37 in Brawl, 5th of 18 in Melee at Senshi-Con 2010 BRAWL & MELEE
Feb 07, 2010:9th of 26 in Super Smash Bros. Brawl at Brawl in the Frozen North
Nov 14, 2009:3rd of 5 in Melee Doubles, 9th of 14 in Melee Singles at AK Melee Madness

Quiznos Presents Brawl V
4th place Girls Singles
Nov 30, 2008

Quiznos presents Brawl IV
1st place Crews
Oct 25, 2008

Senshi-Con 2009 Official Brawl Tournament
4th place Brawl Singles
Feb 21, 2009

AK Melee Madness
3rd place Melee Doubles
Nov 14, 2009

Carls493 wrote at 12:23 AM on Apr 06, 2013:
If you can respond to this, good job voicing Bloody Marie in Skullgirls!
The Elite FOW wrote at 8:11 AM on Apr 03, 2013:
About me:I am the original creator of the "Brawl Taunts" videos (ever heard of King Dedede's Big Gay Dance? Yeah. That's it.)

I'm a professional voiceover actress - I've voice acted for several official retail games (AWAY: Shuffle Dungeon, Luminous Arc 2, Castle Crashers, etc), anime shows, and also lots of voices for Smash machinimas and other stuff. Check out my website here.

In addition to competing, I emcee and help run brackets & pools for tournaments. I absolutely love doing it and get a lot of great comments on the way I call matches (as odd as that sounds) so contact me if you're interested icon_biggrin

I've helped with announcing for a variety of major tournaments, including West Coast Smash League, Winter Game Fest '08, Tourney Play, and the Street Fighter IV Semifinals for EVO 2009 icon_biggrin!

"Rina-chan's voice is rapesauce." ~several people at WGF '09

twitter + myspace + newgrounds + official site

If you'd like to get in contact with me, it's best to leave me a shoutout as I rarely check my PMs.


Check out my additional cosplay photos here.

I <3 Guilty Gear and Dizzy!