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Rizk18's Dojo Score 2450
Gender: Male
Location: Dearborn Heights, Michigan, United States
Birthday: June 24, 1993
Joined: September 9, 2010
Favorite games:Brawl,Gears 1,2 and 3.Smackdown 3-07. A lot of N64 games. Pokemon Stadium 1+2. Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1+2. Halo 3. DBZ Budokai 1,2,3,DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 1&3.
Brawl Friend Code:3695 1378 1120
Xbox Gamertag:Rizk18
June 24
Today is Rizk18's birthday! 12:01 AM
May 28
Rizk18 voted on the poll Do you own a Nintendo 3DS?. 12:06 AM
February 21
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February 5
January 21
Rizk18 and Ant are now friends. 4:32 PM
Nov 05, 2011:3rd of 16 in Brawl Singles Bracket at Rizk'in 2
Jul 09, 2011:4th of 5 in Doubles, 5th of 14 in Singles at Rizk'in1
Nov 27, 2010:9th of 28 in Brawl Singles at Gameyard Showdown III

Rizk'in 2
3rd place Brawl Singles Bracket
Nov 05, 2011

4th place Doubles
Jul 09, 2011

Michigan Only Wi-Fi Tournament
4th place Singles
Jan 17, 2010

Aria Hatsune wrote at 7:16 PM on Mar 16, 2014:
jw, do you still trade cards?
MetaBowser wrote at 7:11 AM on Oct 09, 2013:
Would you trade your pokeballs for anything? I collect those.
Raze97 wrote at 2:16 PM on Aug 23, 2013:
Hey would you trade a few cards please?
MetaBowser wrote at 3:47 PM on Mar 23, 2013:
is your jumbo card up for trade?
About me:Former name(Hussein335 and Rizk7) People call me Rizk. You say it like "Risk" Not Riz-k. Just sayingicon_razz
So far singles ladder record:1854
So far singles ladder rank record:3rd

^Thanks to Ori_Bro for this!

Thanks to HAD for this ^

Best Fox in Michigan.
Aiming for Best Fox in the Midwest.

This is the controller I use ONLY.

Order of favorite/sexiest.

Katy Perry. (6th)

Eva Longoria. (5th)

Ryan Astamendi. (4th)

Megan Fox(3rd)

Carmen Electra(2nd)

Adriana Lima(1st)

Nuff said.