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Ryker's Dojo Score 6151
Name:I love Zack
Gender: Male
Location: Mobile, Alabama, United States
Birthday: January 19, 1991
Joined: June 2, 2008
Favorite games:RPGs (Chrono Trigger, Lufia II, and Final Fantasy Tactics[it counts] are my top 3) and BlazBlue.
Brawl Friend Code:3094 8101 0907
Xbox Gamertag:GS Ryker
PSN Account:GS_Ryker
November 18
Ryker earned the tour of duty badge. 10:02 PM
October 19
Ryker left Magnatoon a shoutout. 10:47 AM
Apr 13, 2011:5th of 19 in brackets at Arban's 5th Gen Tournament: A New Beginning #4
Apr 06, 2011:9th of 20 in pokemon brackets at Arban's 5th Gen Tournament: A New Beginning #3
Jan 29, 2011:4th of 13 in Brawl Doubles, 17th of 30 in Brawl Singles at Vulcan GameBox Smash Tournament VII

Vulcan GameBox Smash Tournament VII
4th place Brawl Doubles
Jan 29, 2011

Questions wrote at 5:28 PM on Feb 19, 2013:
About me:LoL

Quote (originally posted by Claire):
Oh my god.
Ryker is actually hot.

Here's one, Dacid, eat your heart out. Thanks Doro.

Anyway, drop me a shout-out to play BlazBlue. I only have it on 360 though, so tough **** to the PS3 fans.